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hi folks. one more in the list of those who wont join iift d ( unfortunately)

varun sethuraman. pls update the sheet guys - am sorry it is blocked for me at office

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hi all,
i have converted SPJain... and eill be taking it up as i am pro marketing. still feels a lil wierd that im actually giving up iift delhi.. but amazing institute.. hope this proves lucky in the waitlist for someone.. to every iift an there.. here's an almost iiftan saying GOOD LUCK


Made it!!!!

it's mimbai mere yaaaar!! congrats to all puys who made it - milte hein mumbai mein!

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arent you missing the anti ragging forms (2)? or does it have to be sent later?

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Hi All,

I have been shortlisted for IIFT-D 2009-11 MBA program. But haven't yet received the letter from the concerned authorities. From the above posts I could see few of them already having received the same from them. And I'm from Bangalore. Is there anyone from Bangalore or somewhere is South India, who have already received the letter regarding the further course of action.


hey sreenivas, i am from chennai,... and i have got the letter.. i got it yday man... y din u wait for another day am sure ul get it by then! else call mr. gaurav gulati

hey friends and fellow puys!
i got through nm too... and i had a final rank of 125.. but to all of u there in the waiting list... fortunately i have gotten thru iift so i didnt even pay the fee!....
and similiarly a lot of other ppl will have made it thru fms, symbi, xlri, iift etc...and apr 10 the big ones coming out... so SURELY there will be A LOT of movement... i have friends at NM who have been telling me the waitlist movement will definitely move to 400+ easily... so this is wishing good luck to all of u in the waiting list and hope u all get thru!

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hey ppl - my 2 cents on the sp interview process and how i think it went

first of all to all ppl who have their interviews coming up and are moving heaven and earth in terms of their preparation - RELAX! its an absolutely chilled out and cool process.


after submitting 1 copy of profile sheet and 3 of the 5 point somethings
you will get to knwo your fellow batchmates for your round 1.... the adcom ppl will call you folks and tell u to chill out - " its a rejection round but all of you please chill out there is nothing drastic to be worried about" was what they told our group- and believe me it is true!

first round panel had the physcology prof and DOCC head prof and an operations sir. they put you at ease upfront saying welcome al of you - chill nothing to worry well just have a general talk with you.

our group they asked each one of us to introduce ourselves - and believe me no cross questioning here - actually they patiently listen to all gyan..
then they look at your profile sheet and ask u some general stuff ( now come on - its your profile sheet so ul obviously know wats in it so why tension?

one of my group guys was smiling and talking throughout - not for a second did he stop - it was that cool. one person though ( unfortunately eliminated - sourav - sorry man hard luck wish u all the luck with other calls ) was the only one who was grilled... he was asked to be clear and explain why he wanted man and ops inspite of being in the same field and a good job.. then marketing folks were asked why marketing - what reason to select you and stuff.. again - chileld out - don v all have pages and pages to say here

then a small discussion ( yup u got me right folks - small only ) on : failing to plan is planning to fail ) - everyone talked once/twice - and then we were asked to sumaarise OUR own points in one line. and voila - done over!

result time - our group we dono y had results laaaast and late - finally we found they kinda missed reading it out - but nice ppl the adcom folks actually make sure everyone is present and then tell... and wish those who didnt luck with other calls - nice touch!


again - very general very basic - they want to see if we fit into their insti i guess -a nd want to see the actual "us" - so no tension no violence
just our ideas on topics they asked.

our group were asked
difference between marketing and selling ( no textbook answers - innovative ones he said)
do politicians market or sell? explain with a political party example
who according to you is an efficient chief minister of recent times?
what is efficient according to you? what are the parameters with which u rates the chief minister of your choice as efficient
what do u do in ur free time apart from your work/study
what is it you have done that has stressed you - that is - has exerted you ( follow up to prev question)
critically analyze sp jain's admission proceedure - this means both good and bad so any issues do tell it - cos they really looked interestd in sorting things out if any.
and then done! ho gaya :)

overall ill say ppl just relax - talk confidently without any fear - cos if theres anythign i think can be a prob its the fear in u - everything they ask is either about u or from your profile or too general that everyoen ll know - so all the best ppl!

to the adcom folks: neat and smooth process - thanks for keeping it in iim - b - loved the campus! adios and hope some jaadu lands me there!


oh my god this is such an amazing gift! can't believe i've made it to delhi!
hey puys there aren't any other details at all - fees how much when where - are we to call them?

count me in!
name: varun sethuraman
male/female: Male
originaly from: chennai

smoking: NO
drinking: NO
max budget for per mnth rent(minimum 20000) : 5000
NMAt rank(not compulsory to share) : 125
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hey mods,

is it possible for a change in the city in which we are to give our interviews? will it also be a changable field/column in the link that is to come on the site? or will it be fixed at what we initially gave?