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so wat ur sayin is gursimran......dat PGDB IB is nt worth doin thru jims?? ryt? der r no placements nothing??

guru0665 Says
so u r goin to take adms in rm. am still waitin for results of other clgs

i too hav rm n ib as option...wich other colleges hav you applied to?

i have an option for jims IB or RETAIL MARKETING...please advice me is it worth to go for any of the 2 programmes.....and what is the placement scenario? my profile is
x: 68%
xii: 48%
grad : 62%

need help....

i hav scored 630 in mat.....i cnt understand y didnt i clear pgdm core here.....i gam cleard fr gd pi in IP university i dunno wts d value for ip against jims....and can u please throw some light on pgdm IB and pgdm RETAIL....and y did ppl above write CONVERTED....if there is any way to gt d course converted to GENERAL...please tell me please...!!!

i knw dat its a single m asking shd i go fr it or nt??

what is this converted man?? i am nt selected fr pgdm core...please tell me if i cn go fr dat

guys please consider my query...m really tensed.....wat is dis converted?? shd i go fr retail and marketting , its a single specialisation. please......reply asap

guys what is dis converted?? m nt selected fr genral...only fr marketting n it b cnverted to gneral..plz reply asap

i just inquired from the help will b out after 6 p.m. whoever sees d result, please post the link here asap.... nervousness is killing me


guys.....i gave dec mat....scored 79 percentile.....can sm1 suggest me a real good b school for marketting?? my budgest for d fee structure is max 6-6.5 lacs. i chekd out NDIM, FORTUNE (FIIB)...cnfused abt amity since fee is too high.....please suggest me abt these two and other options wich i can apply for.....realli confused

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