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What questions ere there in english?
Reading Comprehension,summary to a passage,grammar correction,direct vocabulary questions....were they from the above types or there were other types too?plzzzz share the info.....Also the other sections DI,quant and LR.were the questions doable or difficult like the ones in the sample paper provided by crisil?

plz provide the link of sample paper..
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any idea about placements at IRMA?

hello seniors,

Please let me know about average work experience of ppl joining NMIMS.

PS: i will be having 5 yrs of experience() in core banking solutions in case i am joining NMIMS next year.

Please help me in deciding whether i should go for NMAT?


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hey almost all the q's were sitters...
no prep required for apti at least

Test on 17th june Delhi..
who else is in for delhi 17th june

Direction: Answer the following questions on the basis of the information given below.

2.The following are the observation of a physician regarding the disease and its symptoms.
i. A patient with disease G will exhibit both a rash and a fever and either a sore throat or a headache, but not both.
ii. A patient with disease L will exhibit both a rash and a fever but neither a sore throat nor a headache.
iii. A patient with disease T will exhibit at least a sore throat and a headache and possibly rash and/or fever.
iv. A patient with disease Z will exhibit at least a headache and possibly fever and/or sore throat but never a rash.
v. No patient has more than one of the diseases G, L, T, Z at once.
if a patient who has one of the diseases mentioned above does not have a rash, the patient must have:
a headache.
a sore throat.
disease T.
disease Z

headache and disease Z
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Ram adores Hindi film music. He always prefers Lata to Lina, and Rafi to Kishore. He always prefers Sonu to Sanu and Sanu to Kishore. He always prefers Rafi to any other composer whose name begins with L except Lata, and he always chooses to listen to composer he prefers. Which of the following cannot be true?

1.Ram prefers Rafi to Lina.

2.Ram prefers Lata to Rafi.:cheers:

3.Ram prefers Lina to Kishore.:clap:

4.Ram prefers Kishore to Lata:banghead:

Option 4
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Direction: Choose the odd one out.

9.4646, 7247, 8844, 9119.:cheers::clap::banghead:


in rest of numbers every digit is repeated twice..
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