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whytodomba Says
Can anyone update the stats for 5th april ?? Thanks !

15 Spot Offers.18 Waitlisted. (These stats tell me it was an exceptionally brilliant pool of students present on 5th April. Thank God I got spotted on 3rd itself!!)
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Do we need to carry the original marksheets or will the Personal/SOP form along with the call letter suffice ?


You already know about the 'MUST CARRY WITH YOU' items list. Besides that, anything you want to take with you, you can. Includes certificates, marksheets, any creative work(photographs,blog posts etc) and your lucky charms as well!
nikido Says
any idea on number of shortlists waitling lists and not recommended list

When the results were announced, first the waitlist student's name were announced(10 for Day 1) and then the spot offers(11 for Day 1). Those whose names were not there on either list were supposed to take the cue themselves.
But when the list was put up outside the auditorium, each applicant's name had one of the three abbreviations in front of their name:-
1.SO- Spot Offer
2.NR- Not Recommended
3.Blank space- Waitlisted (Strange!!)
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umeshmenon Says
How many aspirants were there on day1? Just wanted to know the spot offer ratio.

There were 58 applicants present on Day 1. 11 got spot offers while 10 were waitlisted. So you can do the math.
passioncontinue Says
Are SPOT offers made considering the netire profile(CAT+MICAT+GE/PI or only on the basis of GE/PI score.What are the chances of conversion if one is having 85-90% in cat and an average GE/PI?

I think they are taking into account everything. I cannot really predict the chances, but there were 11 Spot Offers on day 1 (including me ) and there are people who have percentiles between 80-90 and who got spot offers!

Date: April 3,2012- An unforgettable date(or should I say day) in my life!

GE Experience- The group was asked to re-enact a a scene from a classic movie and relate it to a current scenario. (There was a magazine, a bunch of chart papers, sketch pens and stuff...) Ours was a very creative group!:) (SH3 Group2) Everyone pitched in with ideas, no fish market (phew!), people automatically took to tasks they were comfortable with. We did the entire re-enactment in two parts- paper based storyboard and a skit! :biggrin:

PI Experience- After a long,arduous wait in the Audi (which made the waiting a bit comfortable!), I finally entered the last dungeon at around 4:30! Started off with some grilling about the fact that I had my passport photograph in a TEE (WTF!!). Ventured along why an "academically brilliant" student like me was wasting national resources to switch to comm. mgmt. My over-the-top wise ass reply- " Sir, it is better to waste national resources than to waste individual talent!"
Then the discussion revolved around my SOP, my writing skills, internship with magazine, editorial stuff I did for college newsletter..basically all my literary activities and how I could relate them to comm. management.
Then some more bit of stress with phrases from the panel like- "I don't see that spark in you!" :nono:
I just kept my cool and went through all of it with a smile, told them- "I might appear to be soft spoken, but I believe in what I say and do."
That probably gave them some positive signs! \m/ Asked me about some of my favourite ad-campaigns,my inclination towards social work and how I would manage advertising and social work together.
After that, they asked me to create an ad-campaign to encourage people from Ghaziabad(my hometown) to relocate to Dhanbad(where I'm studying currently). I devised the strategy, designed a TVC and came up with 2 taglines in under 2 minutes! (I dunno how, but they seemed impressed!)
Finally,asked me about an incidence where I had displayed leadership skills. Told them about a college incident (long story yaar!).

Overall Process/Advice- Be yourself. Be honest. The panel really made an effort to understand whatever I said. Should be the same with everyone I guess. Personally, it's good if they are grilling you. Goes on to show they are interested in you!

Advice to GE/PI management team- Please get a fan in those waiting areas outside every PI room!

End Result- Spot offer.

PagleeNoah Says
What was the essay question??

It consisted of two statements. I don't remember them word to word, but here's what it was all about.

Statement 1: Poverty in India is a very large scale problem. The sheer scale and complexity of poverty makes it difficult for the government to tackle it effectively.
Statement 2: The government policies are at fault. The policies are framed without keeping in mind the root cause of the problem. (Something more of the sort which put the blame on policymakers)

The task was to:
1. State which statement is correct in your opinion.
2. Give justification for the same.
3. Give examples to emphasize your justification.

The entire write-up was not supposed to exceed 350 words.
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emperork Says
Yes boss, this IS the SCALED score....

So, what are my chances at Mumbai Campus?
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Sir I appeared for NMAT on 18th December. I saw the result today and I've scored 203:-( (was expecting somewhere around 220).
QS-71 (was pretty tough so I guess this should be ok)
LS-66 (this looks fine too)
LR-66 (way below expected:-( )
Can you give me a picture of my chances at Mumbai campus w.r.t the different courses (Core, Banking, Capital Markets)
Also, I couldn't help but notice that my score is not a multiple of 3. There was no negative marking so it shouldn't be so, right? Does that mean this is the scaled score(in which case I'm screwed up big time!!:-( )

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gudda1122 Says
yaar just calc prop i hv done this this twice...thts why i m damm sure ki ans 8 hi h

In fact you are correct. I did a silly mistake and got it wrong. Yes the answer is 8. Case closed!
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