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I've just attended today Jambore batch in Karve Nagar.
Has anyone too registered there?

Hi Amardeepg,

I appreciate a meet of at least Madhapur pagals . It would be nice if we can decide upon this , if Hyderabad meet is not materializing soon. I had a talk with another fellow 'Pagal' Khadoos and we are ready for such a meet. I have already PMd EMJEEV , Whats_in_store , var89 regarding Madhapur meet . I have PMd you my details. Lets work this out.


Sorry won't be able to attend on 2nd. I'll be coming there by second week of May.
Hi Var89,

I am shifting to an apartment near Ginger Court. Would be staying with guys i met through Sulekha. When are you coming to Hyd. I definitely do not intend to join any classes, would be banking on my study grp, self study & always open to other prep ideas apart from joining classroom :)

Cheers, PK

Great. I'll be coming there by 2nd week of May, after 10th.
Yeah we can definitely discuss ideas etc which is more important than joining a course.
HI All,

Am working in the IT since 2007, planning to give GMAT this July end (max). Absolutely in the same baot as most of you. Attempting CAT for last 3 years, almost flunking due to lack of motivation and no peer study grp, which i feel is a very big factor. I am shifting to madhapur May 1. Very much interested to join you all. Meeting at a common place is an excellent idea. Looking forward to it...

Cheers, PK

Hi PK,

Good yaar. Madhapur has a lot of service apartments. I'm also deciding where to go. Till now i'm not sure. Where will u study. In Madhapur?

Hi All,
This is Varun here. I'm into IT field (SAP) for the last 3 years.
Want to give GMAT this year itself. You guys are amazing bunch of people.
I'm inspired by your resilience. I want to move to hyderabad very soon, as early as next month starting.
I'm looking for a study partner here. anybody in Hyderabad please reply.

Hi All,

I'm looking to give GMAT. I'm looking for a city which is resourceful in terms of exam preparation. Like for IIT we have KOTA in Rajasthan.
Which place would correspond to GMAT.


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