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@sourabhdang Hi
Can u please tell what are placement stats at DCP ?? I currenty receive a decent package of 6.5 lacs .... and I am from MNIT jaipur. Should I go for this programme ??
Please tell about the upgradation chance to core program if any
The subsequent process will consist of-
Essay writing - You will be given a topic related to any current issue or any issue relevant to the social, political or economic situations. You will be given around 20 minutes for this stage of admission process.

Group Discussion - Group Discussion in IIFT is very unique. It goes on for around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the panel. There are around 10 people in the group. Initially everyone will be given a chance to express his/her views on the topic for 2 minutes. After that the discussion will be made open for another 20-30 minutes. Not only this, you will also have to play the role of a moderator at some point of time. The sequence of getting to moderate the group is upto the discretion of the panel. While you are a moderator, you will have to make sure that the discussion is going in the right direction and there is no fish market.

Personal Interview - - The Personal Interview is for an overall personality assessment evaluating one's communication skills and general awareness. In interview, Questions are asked mainly from these three basic areas - Self based questions (around your personality, strengths, leadership skills etc.), Careers vision questions (short and long term vision, goal oriented etc.) and Knowledge based questions (Largely around your area of work and study and general awareness). The CV form that you will fill is also of a great importance. So write your answers carefully and honestly. Also start introspecting the questions like -
Why MBA?
Short term and long term objectives of life?
Why low academics? (for those who have low scores)
Why MBA after job? (for people with work-ex)
Why MBA after, lets say, computer science engineering? (for freshers)
etc etc.

Following are the links of last 2 year's essay and GDPI experience thread. Go through them to get an idea of the process- (IIFT GD/PI/Essay Discussion 2011-2013) (IIFT Essay/GD/PI experiences)

Start filling your CV form, which I am attaching again with this post.

We have our end-term exams till 22nd Dec, so we might be late in responding for now.

the above html links are not working......

test funda is out wid partial keys.........

cam someone post schweser notes on the thread ?? I know the updated version isn,t out but atleast an older version for practice..

i haven,t got any mail about the date of my interview.......can someone help me out ???

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hey just did 41 frm dese
ans is 3 (option 4)

64 option c acute central angle
my score till now has dropped down to 307.... ...
can we have people posting their scores!!!????

how did u calculate ur scores

ANSWER FOR P-Q means p is greater than q are
96:-option 4
97:-option 3
98:-option 3
99:-option 4
100:-option 3
correct me if im wrong

answers for input output ques plzzzzzzz

quant: booklet c : 66 largest no of students - ans D
67 : avg students :-2980
68:-D is more by:- 15%
69:- ratio :-13:8

scooter and motorbikes set
70:-percent drop:-42.9
71:-production in 2003:-162.5
72:-average equal to:-2005

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