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HEY GUYS..i made it to..AV batch 2009..see those of you who made it in the rest of you..I just want to say that your future has bigger and better plans for you..all the best to everyone..*CHEERS*
Hey guys..I woke up late thinking it will be out by 1130..anyways I guess since we waited for one week, another couple of hours won't kill us..This is really a scary experience..I often find myself praying..even though I don't really see myself as a religious person..k now I am just talking a bunch of crap...but just was getting senti and I want to tell everyone ALL THE BEST..and hope all the pagalguys make it into SIMC batch 2009!
As far as the "hot chicks" are concerned I'd say no comment..but seriously there are too many good looking people in Symbi..must be something about the water..I did have a major screw up..i didn't creatively introduce myself..rather i just kind of said whatever came to my big deal..I'm quite scared of the Deputy Director..I would keep bumping into him and he would have this wicked smile on his face every time like he knew my deepest darkest secrets!!...sheesh guys please speak up...i think we need to keep up each others spirits now more then ever!!! personally I'm dying..can't take this anxiety any longer..
i agree with u Santa... absolutely ... people we cant just let this thread die out... We all have put our best selves forward at the III phase... then why is it that u guys r so dormant??... c'mon guys... this is OUR thread... we've fuelled it... come on in and pour in info... wht u did at symbi??... how many times u screwed up??... Did the hot chicks at SIMC motivate u to do even better ?? ... .... etc etc.....

Speak ur hearts out.. lets know how all of us did actually... :satisfie:
Hey phase III went well..its finally over..wooohooo..anyways since the others have basically summed up what goes on throughout the interview process, I'll just keep it simple..they are looking for originality and as along as you are yourself and not fake you should be fine..the director is very down to earth...the seniors will try to scare you but make sure you don't boggle down..the stress interview could be anything but stressful if you are confident and have direction..basically know why you want to do journo/av/pr/ just relax..and keep your fingers crossed till the tenth! Good luck to all of you...

Blue Cross is my choice of that ok?

@Cuddly Kitten

You didn't get through and thats a FREAKIN shame..but that just means that there is something better for you out there..all the best and I'm sure where ever you do land up will be just as great..

@the people who made it

..hopefully the SIMC seniors won't trouble us too much during the senior interaction..Don't worry too much..we are all on the same boat here..
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They didn't check out anyones don't get disheartened..i know it feels bad but this really isn't the end of the world..
acads xth -78 XIIth- 70 Graduation (B.E-Computers)-61
S/w skills:

    • Languages: C, C++, Java and HTML
Applications: Adobe Premiere. Ulead Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Auditions, Windows Moviemaker, Sound Forge, Fruityloops and MS Office

    • Conceptualized and Directed two ads for an American NGO through a third party.
    • Directed and Edited a Documentary titled "Republic of India" which was invited for a screening by Youth Parliament, a NGO based in Delhi.
    • Shot and Edited a profile video for an academic institution
    • Directed a promotional Music Video.
    • Covered the 32nd National Games for its Official Website.
    • Reviewed a number of movies for a Local Magazine and a Web portal.
    • Developed content for International Gaming Websites.
    • Served as Secretary for Helix, a decade old literary club
Started and Administrated an online community forum with over 200 members and 70,000 posts.

I ask the ppl who are a part of SIMC to review this profile and give an honest opinion if this is not a deserving one.
A guy comes all along from 500 km away...he was not even given a proper interview , his resume wasn't even glanced upon and he gets rejected. Now how unfair is that.....a rejection is fine but without even getting a chance to be judged ????? I wouldn't call this a fair world .....but this is like wanting to set new scales of injustice.
Yay! even i got scheduled for the 28th...GOOD LUCK with your project guys...:)
desdemona Says
is a sleevless salwar kameez ok?

As long as you are comfortable with it and there is a duppata i don't see why there would be any problem....
HI Guyz,
Haven't Got any email yet from Simc.....tried calling them up there number was busy throughout the day....Plz help guys what should i do???

The people that handle the phones aren't of much the best thing you can do is wait because some emails are apparently being sent tonight and tomo morning..just be prepared to book your tickets at the last minute..

My interview centre is in Bangalore too (Bengalooru actually :wow: ) and my date is 27th JAN, and time is 1430 hrs. What about you? Do you know anybody else with B'lore centre and 27th as date...


My centre is Bangalooru but my interview is on the 26th at 5 friend who i am planning to go with has hers on the 27th at 9 pm...
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