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Hi frens,

I am really anxious 2 kno anser of da following question:

X-Y plane wid vertices (41,0) .... how many points in da interior?? is it 780 or 741

Well if u draw a Square.....da co-ordinate of 4th point will be (41,41).... Now total points wil b 40C1 * 40C1... dat makes total 1600 points... Out of these 40 lie on the line joining (41,0) (0,41)... So 1600-40..dats 1560. Now we want points in da interior of triangle... So 1560/2= 780...

Isssnt it correct... plz say so..... 2.66 marks ka sawal hai....


haan... i too feel the answer to that question is 780.

well here goes my explanation..

the question indirectly means to solve the equations..
x+y 0, y>0.
integral values of x,y.. satisfying this equations.

lets start with
x=1, y=1,2,3...... 39. ---- 39 values.
x=2, y=1,2,3........38 ---- 38 values.
x=39, y=1 --- 1 value.

so in total there are 1+ 2 + 3 + ..... +39 = sigma(39) = 39*40/2 = 780.

this is the way i did the problem..

correct me if im wrong..

Vamsi krishna
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Really tuff Verbal....

too low attempts in verbal..

Anywayz my attempts here..

Quant - 21 marks
Verbal - 23 marks
DI - 15 marks.

Total of 59 marks ( attempted..)

lets hope for the best....

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Agree with u ... we are going in the right direction but stil take time and more over to achieve this we need to go at steady inspite with all odds and need to stand tall against them
. Anway .. i am Mohit ...r u Vamsi Mohan from Bombay.


Hi mohit... this is Vamsi Krishna frm Hyderabad .. me doin frm NIT Warangal...

hi sameer ...
me frm NIT Warangal doin my B.Tech (EEE)..

me too opting for Business analyst... bcos i hav minimal knowledge in techincal aspects...

congrats for u too...

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koseram bhai!!!!

apne kamal kardiya hai...!!!

when i started a thread on the Hindu Editorial.. i xpected ppl to find it useful.. and boy oh boy ur really consistent and ur doing a gr8 work....

no word can describe ur consistency!!

keep it up!!!

Vamsi krishna

hi dude...

where did u get selected finally.. u hav not informed us...??
wht is the role of the business analyst by the way..

i hav been offered by GOLDMAN SACHS to choose frm three roles
1.> Application Developer
2.> Technical Specialist
3.> Business Analyst

of course this is after training in NEW YORK... then we hav to choose one of them....

so any one aware of roles of business analyst can plz come forward and enlighten me....

Vamsi krishna

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gr8 work koseram...

i'll also join in as and when i find some time....

keep on the good work goin....

if possible write a lil abt the editorial in your own words.. helps in comprehension

Vamsi krishna

Mr.Daisaku Ikeda says

"What is failure in life? Making mistakes does not signal failure, but giving up on yourself when you've made mistakes or are feeling discouraged does. Not getting back on your feet when you've suffred a setback or disappointment- that is failure. True victors are those who get up again each time they fall down"

hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome quote sunil....

inspired me tooo.......

btw who is Daisaku ikeda.... can u throw some light on him....

Vamsi Krishna
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my scores

DI -- 7 :whatthat: ( 100% accuracy )
VA -- 22 ( attempts -- 26, right -- 23 )

Quant -- 12.67 ( attempts -- 13, right -- 12 )

RC -- 9.33 ( Attempts -- 12, right -- 10)

Net -- 51 ( Attempts -- 59 , right -- 53 , accuracy 90% )

expecting to be in top 500 atleast!!!!

But 90 questions frm english is too much!!!!

Vamsi Krishna

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CAT     Aimcat 607

well kind of mixed experience...

my scores...

DI/DS/ Reasoning -- 10.67

VA/RC -- 20.67

Quant -- 9.33 ( still finding trouble with quant... missing some basics...)

Net -- 41. ( Attempts -- 53, right -- 44 )

pretty good accuracy but im not knowin how to improve my attempts...

better experience than AIMCAT0606 (where i scored 36 )...

Pretty easy paper though.. me xpecting a rank arnd 1500.. ( what say guys?? )

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