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Hey i got selected for PGDM at JIMS. I got a 96%ile in Dec Mat.

Anyone can help me with accommodation or can tell me where can i get a flat on rent i need to re-locate from Kolkata to Delhi.... hey i am so excited....

Someone help??

Hi friends,

Results are out..... I have made it....

for everyone's good i am providing the link....

..:: Best MBA College Delhi/NCR India TOP MBA Institute College India - JIMS ::..

Cheers to everyone and god bless you!!:thumbsup:

@ MP topic for ppl who have their interview...

Well Begun Is Half Done

A good start in anything is very important for the successful completion of the same. If we begin badly, we may face unnecessary complications in the middle of the work. We may even have to undo till then. This causes an unnecessary waste of time and energy, besides discouraging us. It is always better to make the best of what energy and time we have at hand. Thus we may reach our goals.

Time and energy is like money. The more we save, the more we can achieve. But a bad start will cause a waste of time and energy instead. On the other hand, if we make a smooth and good start, the work will also progress well. So it is always wise to be careful on making a good start in any work we do. We should pay great attention to avoid any error that might occur. It is based on this good start that the progress and completion of the work depend.

In race, it is very important to make a good start. So athletes take great care to make a good start in competitions. They devote much time in their training program to practice the start. Not only in race but also in everything that we do, this is true. A good and smooth start always helps in the progress of the work as a whole. In other words as the saying goes, anything that is well begun can be considered as half done!

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Hi Friends....

@Pallavi here you go....


Most of us know the functions of traffic lights around us. The lights indicates when to stop, when to prepare to stop and when we can proceed. Those who do not follow might face consequences of being penalized or most likely, fatal accident.

In my opinion, the SLG ways of control can relates to our life. If practice effectively, it actually plays an important roles in our day to day life. Hence in life, whatever we do, we need to know and understand when to go ahead, when to slow down and when to stop or discontinue.

Another version which resembles the SLG, a more complete and precise is when writing an essay. When writing an essay, we put in a quite a number of symbols ; comma, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark, and so on... Besides words, all these symbols will determine and enhanced the meaning and flow of the essay that we penned down.

Like penning an essay, in the life of notorious and demanding society, it is essential to realized how to slow things down; when to pause and take the next step or action; what is more important; which should be prioritized; why the need to ask questionnaire and enquiries; and when to start a new paragraph for all sort of self-initiative actions.

To me, I feel that the most important one is when and why we need to STOP and then RESTART again. Stop pursuing unrealistic vision and dreams. Discontinue mission that leads you nowhere. Change passage when routes are not materialized. CLOSE the chapter and RESTART a new chapter of LIFE. Well, all the past will only make you wiser, better and stronger.


I got ITM Chennai can any1 give me some info about the campus and where to stay there............

physcosocial666 Says
Buddy plz tell your academics score and as well as your test score so that things can become lill bit more clear :

Hey dude,

Here i go...

Class 10 : 68% (Got Screwed for WB board others scored 80%)

Class 12 : 60% (Got Screwed for WB board others scored 80%)

Graduation : 60% (Calcutta university)

MAT : 96%ile

Work Ex: 18 months

Good at extra curriculum and sports....

Hi friends,

Just gave my MPΠ on 26th March'11 at kolkata (9.00am batch)

Got through ITM Chennai (a bit tensed but WB board screwed my results of 10 & 12 so had no hope for ITM NM)

IF any1 needs the MP topic we can start this thread and can keep on giving idea for others to add during their MP....

HI Counselor,

I have received the call letter for the selection process to take an admission at ITM.

I have 2 queries if anyone can help me with that.

A) The 25,000 D.D that we have to submit is it refundable once submitted

B) What is the break up of the fee structure that we have to pay once we are selected for the course.

Hope someone who has been selected via the Mumbai interview or someone from the ITM team can help!

Thanks a lot! ankmbaa said...seats through mat for ITM very few...and criteria not its just luck..generally seats given through XAT/CAT..!!

and dont go for BIMM pune and IIRM...without any hesitation...both are very Good under MAT,,,!!!:cheerio:

Thanks buddy!
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my pleasure dracula ji

u can try iirm jaipur n bimm pune :thumbsup:

dude gd-pi of itm is manageable but the thing is seats thru mat is very lessthere have been instances with ppl getting spot offer but not from nm.they say u will get any campus u like but not nm.

But bhai ITM navi mumbai is the only good one i have noticed.... apart from this do u think iirm and bimm pune are good bcz i have not heard of them much...

anyway thanks but ITM is somewhere i wanna go... any other from ITM which is as good as mumbai...
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