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@Vinnyman said:
Hi guys, I got a call from Sheldon today.. Admitted and a scholarship of 10k.. Haven' got the mail but he said I would receive the mail un a couple of days. Waiting for a the mail. Is there any one from Delhi who got in? Why not we meet up some time over the weekend.
Heye Vinny.... I'm from Delhi too... pm me your contact info pls...

Hi All,

I'm new to the thread and although a lot of info is already available on the previous pages, I'd request you guys to pls bring to speed regarding whats to be done next?? I recvd my admission fone call on 15th March & admission package expected to arrive by end of this week. I plan to make a list of all the important things that need to be done to prevent any last moment disasters ! So pls help me on this one guys......... Also, to all Rotman admits from Delhi.... any plans to meet up yet??? count me in please.... Thanx

Varun Arora
@SLK said:
@Timba i was informed about my result on Phone by Sheldon on 8th March.
Hi SLK... it's the same case with me... I was informed about my admission by Sheldon on fone on 15th March. Waiting for the package to arrive. What do we do next ?? Have you worked out your financing options? btw, I'm from Delhi, engg background and almost 6 yrs of experience in power generation sector with Siemens.
@ISB_Waitlist Thanx mate...
@ISB_Waitlist said:
Updates, any one?
none from ISB.... but i've got an offer for admission from Rotman, univ of Toronto & I've decided to accept that. So for me ISB is out of options any how. Best of luck to all the other remaining waitlisted puys. There's always hope and whatever happens, happens for good....
peace out .....

"Very few offers may still be rolled out depending on acceptances for valid outstanding offers"

that's pretty unequivocal.......I'd not count on the hope of receiving an offer now to plan for future

but thanks man.... atleast some news....... good or bad....

El-crapo........ dats spanish for 'Crap' !

all dis wait for nothing......... what a waste of time and effort.......

@SherlockTux said:
Do panktiyaan.O' ISB folks, don't be so cruel.Give us the results, we're losing our cool.The waiting pain is getting wild and intense.Time is money, and we have lost more than a pence.O' lords at ISB, if you are reading this,please make haste; either do accept or give a miss.In patience we wait, but it's wearing off.There are job notices we need to take care of.In closing, I hope to hear from you soon.And I wish I'm the first one to dance in full moon.
nice...loved it man.... hope the isb is takin note of ur creativity....
@ashu900 said:
which breed / species is that I wonder??
dats uncalled for dude..... you should take it back