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hi friends
i'm with DMS

mechanical engineer
10 months exp with a manufacturing company

GD Topic- relevance & implementation of POTA
12 members in a group

PI- 3 panelists, all profs at DMS

it started with the usual questions:
- tell us @ u
- why MBA?
- questions on my SOP

about the work-ex
- what did u learn from it?
- strengths & weakness of ur boss

general awareness
- which state has highest per capita income? which has second highest?
- chairman of planning commission. vice-chairman?
- GDP? GNP? what's the difference?
- questions on China Vs India
- about Kandla port & a place called 'Dahej' (i'm from Gujarat, so basically about ur state or city!!)

PI lasted about 10-12 minutes

that's about it

As 'VG' puts it
"Good luck to u"

really sorry, but i won't b able to make it on 25.

hope 2 c u in the next meet

hi guys

i'm vaishal

was with hasher at SCMHRD for a few days
currently, i'm with Department of Management Studies, IIT- Delhi

i'll b in a'bad from 20 Dec and would love to meet all of u

looking forward to the meet

IMS has come out with cut-offs

DI-DS 19-21
PS 19-21
VA 23-25

Over All 65

all the best!!!!!!

hey guys
when is the session at DMS, IIT-Delhi starting?

IMI Final Result is on the net

Find the link

All the best

Can any one tell me how many waiting list candidate get cleared. I have a friend who is WL 33 and is really interested in going there....

I'm from Ahmedabad & have a few friends at Nirma
Let me ensure u, it definitely will go beyond WL #33.
no need to worry

mine is a rather strange entry!

i was just surfing around, thinking about PI part & how do i introduce myself in a PI!!
went to '' & put the search as "how do i introduce myself?" & one of the links headed me here!!!!!!!!!
& now i'm a regular visitor here.

hi gaurav
i'm from a'bad

well, IIMA is pretty much in the city & not far away.
it isn't far away from Gujarat University.

u can take an auto rickshaw from Station(Kalupur) for Vastrapur or Gujarat University for that matter, & then ask for IIM.

& frankly I'm not sure about a decent hotel near IIM. so may be u'll have to stay slightly away.

anyways, u can get back to me for any more doubts or any other help u need.


me too got a call from IIT_Delhi
it's on March 3

any past experiences about the process?!!!!!!!!!!

& what is better SCMHRD or IIT-D?
getting a bit confused about what to choose!!!!!

need ur inputs