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1. wat is the procedure to pay the reamining sum?
2. will a single DD for the total amount do? who shud be the payee?
3. will cheques serve the purpose (much easier and quicker)?

1. Pay it on the day of admission (or if in case it is mentioned, as per the dates mentioned in the offer letter)
2. You can either have a single draft or multiple drafts as per the break-up. The payee would be the same as your admission fee draft - I am assuming "Indian Institute of Management Bangalore"
3. No
hi all,
cud someone please say when will the next updation to the Waiting List be done ???

Guys we understand your anxiety, but unfortunately on waitlist related queries we would not be able to help you. The PGP office would be in a much better position to reply to your queries so please call them up.
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Again taking a break from the interesting arguments flying thick and fast, back and forth :snipersm:

One question I have had always and something I think a lot of aspirants (selected students as well as future CAT takers) would want to know about IIMC

How exactly does IIMC have more of quants than other institutes? From what I remember of the list of courses I received, it had more or less similar courses like B. I understand there would be more of quant electives in the second year. But how do you have *more* of quant in subjects like eco (micro and macro), strat, marketing etc. except the normal amount of mathematics that is there in the text

P.S.: I don't have anything to do with IIMC except I got an admit from them last year. Hope I will not be asked to stay away.

PPS: I am reading this thread because I have a good laugh reading some of the posts. And unfortunately the IIMB queries have all moved to the yahoo group. And the regulars who take pot shots at IIMB seem to be busy here

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Amidst all the Kayoss here just a query

Why is the band called JBS Baroc ? Sounds more like a bank

PS: I guess my internship is not keeping me too busy

PPS: And I wish that there were more people here (in my office) who knew about the IIMs. We keep fighting about over A/B/C, and noone here (apart from the ones who came down for recruitment) knows of the IIMs to care about whether its A or B or C. But then one of the guys didn't even know that there is a city called Bangalore in India.. hihi

PPPS: And forgive me if its the wrong thread to post in, or if I am interrupting a good fight

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how candidates can be sure of those few lacs when there are only few who are going to make a cut. AFAIR last yr. there were 4 from A and 3 each from B and C who got ABS. dnt knw abt LIK nos. though.
Also shortlisting twenty people does not sound authentic coz i guess around 7-8 guys from each insti are shortlisted or mayb B already made the calculation that out of these 20 max 7-8 will join.

Also profs. from B called such people for so called " to help in making an informed decision".

Quiet a help I must say :)

very insightful... but maybe not totally correct

IIMB (and I think the other IIMs too, and for sure the IITs) shortlist 20 people internally. While for the IIMs it usually is the top 20 people on the basis of CAT, GD and PI, the IITs do it as a combination of top JEE ranks in their institutes and may be the highest JEE ranks for some departments. Once these 20 people have been shortlisted by the respective institutes, these people fill up the given form, write SOPs etc., and apply for the AVB schol. From this pool of about 80 candidates of the IIMs (and I am guessing 120-140 from the IITs), around 20 IIMites and 20 IITians are shortlisted for the final interview with a panel. So this final 20 is drawn from the different IIMs of which around 10 get the schol finally.
So there goes of your analysis of IIMB having worked out how many will join from the top 20.

But IIMB informing people before they have joined the insti does come as a surprise (and like has rightly been said, a way to influence the choice).

And having said all this, let me add that this alone cannot be a factor why the waitlist at IIMA moved to 25 already. I think its more as a result of fewer calls (I think they had given out around 260 final calls last year, compared to 239 this year for the same number of seats - not counting the extra OBC seats), and to a lesser extent a few who did not accept (which happens every year)
Can anyone through some light on how is the reliance coverage out there in the campus....
I currently am using a good scheme and dont want to change it....will stick to it if the connection out there is decent enough...
If not,, then please let me know which other connection is doing well there...

I am one of the people using Reliance in the campus and haven't faced any problems till now.
Can anyone tell exactly is this scholarship scheme structured? Does having a loan for your B Tech education harms/increses the chances of getting scholarship/loan & if yes in what way?
How many students get full tuttion fee waiver every year?

2. Are thr any special offers by airtel/hutch for IIMB guys at campus?

3. at the time of registration can one;s parents stay in campus ? if yes how?

1. Scholarship scheme ? Are you talking about financial aid ?
In the first year, just the AVB scholarship is available (provided by the AV Birla Foundation), for which the top 20 new entrants are shortlisted, and then around 10 from all the IIMs together get the schol.
As far as the financial aid is concerned, the forms must have been sent to you already. Just fill up the form, and get it along with all the required supporting docs. In our batch the loan amount disbursed was in excess of 1 crore and if i remember correctly there were more than 60 recipients (ranging from full tuition waiver and living support, to 1 term waiver etc). Full or partial waiver depends on the assesment of your needs by a panel constituted for this purpose. I think your B Tech education loan should in fact increase your chances of getting the aid. If you still have doubts, you can contact the financial aid chairperson when you come here - if i remember correctly it was Prof Rajluxmi Moorthy. For genuine cases, getting financial aid is not very difficult, yet my advice would be to arrange for a loan too as a back up, as you never know

2. A lot of people took a Hutch bulk deal last year But this happened only a month into our 1st term

3. Already answered by Yogesh
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I was Wl no. 14 last year, and it got confirmed only after the session at A started (though before the start of session at B - and by then I had already made up my mind to join B).

I guess very few people get to know of their confirmed status after the last date of payment of confirmation fees, as the confirmation amount itself is too little. (Increasing this amount is something A could do to help waitlisters. Have they increased it to 5,000 this year?)

Also, for info from last yr, you might want to go through last year's IIMA waitlisters thread

manitcse2005 Says
what sort of parental guarnatee is needed?.. Does the parents need to provide some form of security like house property or nsc savings etc or do they just need to fill out some forms?... if they just need to fill out forms, do they need to be present in Bangalore at the time of the loan application process or can we send the documents home where our parents can sign it and send it back to us?..

Hmm.... again one of the last puys from the current batch to join in.... Good show everyone... and whichever IIM you decide to go to (B or if you are still undecided b/w A/B/C), all the best for it !
Parental Guarantee is just a signed statement (physical presence is not required, but you need to get it signed on the given form, and attach a stamp paper on it - this can be done in bangalore itself)... Check the SBI website for the latest details, but for a loan of up to 4 lakhs, you do not need any collateral...

also, you can pay up the initial installment, and get it reimbursed after the loan gets approved...

There is no difference between loans from SBM or SBI (they are the same group, and you can use their ATMs interchangeably), but SBI is advisable due to the simple reason that it has a wider nation-wide coverage and so your account will be accessible anywhere till such time you decide to persist with it...

Also, wait for further details from the respective banks - last year they sent letters/e-mails to us...
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