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Hey d list out 4 met e business m v confused v had aaplied 4 pgdm n dats recognised seniors help

Wad r d col timins plz senors rply asap

Hey wad r d usual col timins seniors plz help on dis

Hey guys... Is SIES betr dan IES bandra 4 HR coz m cancelin my admisn der... M reali confused... Plz seniors help... N rply asap....

Hey wad is d process 2 cancl d adminsn plz rply asap I hav 2 do it by 2morw plz

At arnd 4...

I am student of mms ies college,need any help do ask.

Wads d 1st day like??? Is der sumthn v need 2 bring....
  • i got 121 marks in cmat should i get admission ies managm.... 17 Apr '13.
Ramakant Patel @Ramacool
i got 121 marks in cmat should i get admission ies managment institute. please reply

Hey guys... Is d col actuly strtn 4m 18... N wad r d requrmnts 4 d 1st day????


The HR placements have been exceptionally well in terms of brands and packages.But the pace at which the students get placed is slow as job openings are limited.The highest package was around 7.1 lac and the average being around 4.5 lac.
Further HR is handled by our beloved Prof Nitin Vazirani...who with his innovative means of teaching has made the HR study a gr8 experience...Please find below the link to know the expertise in his team -

SIES - College of Management Studies
There are awesome grooming sessions for HR guys in Semester 3.
Phew...again our alumni...some really big names in HR...
Times group GM HR- Mr Nirmal Nair
VP HR TCS - Mr. Siraj Irani
VP HR Morgan Stanley - Mr.Arjun Naik
Head HR - IL & FS - Mr. Rajesh Manik
Mr.Amit Saboo who has opened his own HR Consultancy and has a huge client base...and a gr8 bunch of HR managers at KPMG,M&M;,TCS etc

just to name a few...

Hey ty so much *fingers crossed 4 siescoms
nil88 Says
well in open category 90%ile definitely not.. but who knows wat happens dis yr.. last yr MET cutoffs were far below what they usually are, especially towards the 3rd and 4th round.. the 3rd round cutoff was 135/240 which could be around 95-96%ile and 2nd round cutoff was 137/240 whic was near about 97%ile.. d percentile thing cud wary as this is a total of written score and gdpi.. 4th round data is not published and is not a realiable one in any case as it changes drastically every year.. i think 95-96%ile cud hav a good chance with a good gdpi score..

I was actuly tokin bout d pgdm course...