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Hey Everyone

I am attending a free diagnostic and lecture session in Andheri for a getting better understanding of my weaker topics and more hints on GMAT.Check it may useful for you for your prep as well!

GMAT Demo Workshop | Facebook



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Yes I am preparing on my own....i have recntly started reading gmat guide from mba.com
How do u plan to start ur preparation

I am planning to start with an online course ..I have read Beat the GMAT forum reviews for MasterGMAT which looks good and they also have a free trial for 7 days! Also I have a promocode for a good dicount, so let me know if you need that! Kindly send me your number and we are planning to meet on saturday, time n venue to be decided!!
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We can surely exchange GMAT materials, pls pm me your email and contact number, planning to meet next Saturday! A good starting point maybe a seminar you can attend on 10th in andheri west and a free trial on Mastergmat maybe a good idea!

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aagrawal12 Says
I am also planning to take the test in May 2012.

Are you preparing on your own? We could exchange course materials. Send me your contact number or email id
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I was going through the threads and realized that most of us well spoken in English struggle in the GMAT verbal section!!

A good start up Tip :wow:

We Indians always think we know English very well, since its our first language in school and main language of communication but having lived in London for 3 years, I think we all have common mistakes which we do not realize!!

For eg, in India everyone says 'give GMAT' but in reality you never give a test you take it!! So the correction is 'taking the GMAT'!!:o

I am planning to take a GMAT in May-June 2012 and my target school is London Business School!!

I am preparing on my own but not sure if that is enough! I would like to connect with more people with similar plans so that we can exchange study materials etc and help each other to beat the GMAT!! Please email me at utterlybitterlylady@gmail.com to connect!!

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I am in Powai as well and planning for GMAT in the end of 2012. Would love exchanging study materials.