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Nice to revisit the NMIMS related thread on Pagalguy after such a long time :). If anyone has questions regarding issues other than admissions would be happy to help...

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Hi Guys ...
I have converted NMIMS Core today at rank 662. Also have IMT-G(IB).
Please, can you suggest me which one should I choose between the two ... Please, PM me your opinion as comparisons are not allowed on PG.

P.S. I have 2.5yrs of prior work-ex in IT ... please suggest which college would suit me better.
Thanks in advance ....

Quite easy answer. It's NMIMS - Core. Sent you a PM. Of course you need to decide on your own. But I've converted both and given you some logic.
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Of all the documents mentioned in the list, what all are really mandatory to submit....?? I know this has been answered in the previous posts, but have to arrange all this in a hurry...

Please reply

Bro, you may not send Documents no. 6, 8, 9 & 10 i.e. Migration Certificate, Medical Fitness & Mediclaim Policy. I guess others are compulsory. Mediclaim/Medical Fitness Certificate you can submit later. But please check the info again
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hey, i don't think we have to go there again

can anyone who got shifted from CM/BM etc to CORE there?

please tell if we can transfer by post and what is the procedure?

Hey, Vicky. I converted from CM to Core and I called and asked the madam. What she said was

' Since you've already paid the fees, you need to give a handwritten letter , signed by you , your earlier CM Payment Receipt Copy, Core Admission Call Letter. You need to send it at NMIMS. No need to be present physically. '
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After anxiously waiting of almost 3 Months , managed to Convert Core at Rank 640. Love to use this smiley

Want to thank my Interview Panel.

After a good performance in GD, I had this NMIMS interview which was I guess one of not so good ones, where I couldn't answer some really simple questions, was also grilled about some of my problems/ decisions in past/near present and I wasn't too convincing. I Got tensed. Finally at leaving time I asked them to look at my overall performance/profile and don't judge me on today's PI performance only and I guess they didn't judge me too harshly.

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Man, I was really waiting for this list. Seems I have to wait more. Don't care that much as long as I convert.

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hi,just to inform my pg frnds i am taking core at 620 rank,filled the dd today through another person,and just for those waiitng on last hopes there is bad news coz i heard the person i sent to submit my dd said he had to stand in a line so a lot of ppl took admission on this penultimate day of closure of theis waitlist...hope u guys make through....atb
cheers.....ab mian mba karunga!!!!

This is not a good news for those still Waitlisted But still we can expect atleast one list more :lookround: approax. How many people were there along with your friend? May be most of the people were able to arrange DD at the penultimate day itself .
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pvnyk Says
Well i don think CM to BM may affect the situation much..since most of them who have converted CM would have CM as there 2nd pref..Moreover both courses are at Par..Well even if there are cases that will be very few..

Yeah, would agree with this. Last rank to get BM/CM don't differ much, BM is a bit more preferred as compared to CM, this we can guess from the fact that at a particular Core Rank , BM is rank is slightly Higher than CM Rank. In addition to that I know one person who has inquired if he can jump from CM to BM, and he got the reply it's not possible at least of now. Yes, there may be some people willing to change CM to BM but they would be very few.
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- Repeat post -

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How do I get added to the FB group? I have sent d request since a month... DO I have to contact anyone or what?

This is regarding the first query. You need to be friends with anyone in the NMIMS 2011-13 FB Group and then he/she only can add you. Send me a friend request. The name is 'Utpal Khardenavis'. Would add you.
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