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They don't want you to wait for other results....

Waitlist 24 ....What are the chances for conversion???

When is the TISS application out???

Hey though Im a little late but can u help me too?
I dont like number crunching.
I like to work alone.
Convincing is easy for me.
I do have a creative mind.
I love travelling.
I dont like talking to strangers.

Pls help me....

Guest @guest_writer
Candidates preparing for the Common Admissions Test (CAT) and other b-school entrance exams often struggle with vocabulary. While the CAT does not test candidates on their knowledge of difficult words directly, other exa

I expected something better from an IIM grad but I think originality and creativity are alien to these inhabitants....atleast he could have admitted that these are not original ideas..

It would be really helpful if you could be more elaborate about the placements..

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Hi guys...
Im Utkarsh
doing Engg 4th year EEE
This is my first attempt and i hope Ill get sumthing GOOD