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I am rank holder CA and currently working in Kotak Investment Banking as Analyst .To get an entry level break in the world of finance, you need qualification specifically related to finance. Passion for finance is good thing but if i ask you to calculate Beta of a security, you can not. That is perfectly normal as you have not learned your theory concepts.

Top MBA is desired for a head start. The other solution which i will recommend to you is to do CFA (AIMR/ICFAI). My company prefer CFA + engineer background for areas like Applied Finance, Financial Modelling etc. You dont have to leave your job. Study consistently every evening and on weekends and appear for exams. Take your time and learn your finance concepts well. In interview they are going to ask you all the basic concepts and you need to be expert.



Thanx Mr. Akhil for your valuable advice...........
I m in First year of MBA in pune from Indira Institute of Management..........

I m lookin for Summers position in equity research..

My background is I am engineer with IT as specialisation and 1 year exp.

So can you please help me regarding this....
my e-id is utkarshkarande@yahoo.com
MIne is on 16th 11:45AM....nebody??

PG Connect has not updated!!

Mods plzz do d needful!

Mine is too on 16th jun at 11:50 am

Hello All,

I had my GD/PI today at PUMBA

Topics were :
1) Should Indian Troops be Withdrawn from Kashmir


2) Land Water and Air Pollution - Solution for India.

My GD was good and PI too.

All the best to all of u.


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Hi Acad,

I have scored 96(89.63%tile) in CET this year

My home university is Pune and i am an OBC candidate.

PAR is 2

What can you advise me over this situation and this year its a do or die situation for me.

Would I b able to hit PUMBA?

I have also got call frm Welingkar for PGDBA

Please reply

dear Cet aspirants ,
i am back , well , all those who are planning to write the CET this year will be happy to know that leaving JBIMS aside even Sydenham is crossing various landmarks , and being a government institute it has achived tremendous appreciation from various sectors of the industry and is ready to cross a new horizon ,
i will be releasing the placement data in a few days and by that time it will be clear , cheers for those aspiring for CET , do well and try to get the best colleges , jbims and sydenham ,
i would like to wish yu all a very happy new year and may the dreams of all yu guys come true ,
coolrahine k

hi guys,

i have score 89.63%tile in CET and my home university is pune with OBC category,

Can i get sydenham PGDBA

Or if i cant then plz tell me the next good and decent options after sydenham.
Also I want to specialize in finance.

My background is BE(IT) with 1 year of exp.

Please reply me

well frens this is the thread that i have specifically opened for the students who are wanting to join the mba programme in sydenham institute of management , mumbai in the next academic year . as i am a sydenhamite myself i wud be here to help yu all guys who are preparing for the cet exam and are wanting to get in here . feel free to pump in yur quetions here and be sure this old horse of pagalguy is going to provide all the details , help regarding exams , admissions , ranks , and other details of the college such as placement and all so start shooting yur questions frens

feeling nice to be back at pg after a long stint away from it as was busy getting myelf setteled here in mumbai.


hi rahine,

Well i want to ask you is can i get Sydenham PGDBA , my CET %tile is 89.63 and i m an Pune university candidate with OBC category.

I know that its too low for that.....
but can i still make it.

If i cant plz tell me what are the next good and decent options for me .
I want to specialize in finance.

Please reply,

Hi guys,

My score is 96/200 and 89.63%tile in CET
My home university is Pune & i m an OBC candidate.
So can you please tell me what are my chances for the good college.

Do u think I can reach upto Sydenham's PGDBA course?

Or the colleges that i can grab?


My PAR is 2

Work exp is of 1 year

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I too got call letter,

i have completed engg. with IT as specialization, have an work experinece of 1 year .

I m with average academcis.

my CET score is 89.63%tile

What do you all think, is it considerable?

I m also selected for Indian Center for Telecommunication Management(ICTM), Pune.......The last date to submit the fees is 20 may

What should i do

Yes i agree wid u

I do think that this time was on the tougher side and a bit lengthy

Fill in blanks were the same, i think those were not sitters.


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Hey guys

I m too a MBA aspirant like u, and wishes to get admission in one of the best b-schools.

all the best to all of u