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_NMIMS officials at the press conference held at the institute_ In a major education-related racket bust, six persons have been identified for having impersonated 87 candidates in the Narsee Monjee Management Ap
Jaideep @uselesslyhopefu

NMIMS Respect! For once an institute has not brushed a serious issue under the carpet

Aniket97 Says
Hey, I too just received an email stating the same, that hostel accommodation won't be provided!! I completely agree with you about it being an integral part. What now?

I didn't get any such mail...was this sent after the 1st mail? Where do they expect us to stay then? Have a camp trip for the entire 2 years on lavale hills?

I guess will have to see Into the Wild and prepare myself
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mrinalkvbr Says
You already have converted NMIMS, & it's slightly better ranked than SIBM, BTW which course have you got in NMIMS, MBA Core or sectoral programs, because if you have got Core then it would be better for you to stick to NMIMS, otherwise you could think of something else. NMIMS is very good for Finance, so if that's ur line of choice, then anyway, NMIMS would be the best.

Thanks man for your take on this! And comparison...haha...
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Well well this was a shocker! I open my mailbox and I see a mail from SIBM Pune giving me a the confusion whether to take it or not...

It was such a fantastic experience...and that has made me give this offer a serious thought...

Name - Rohit Shaw
College - NMIMS ( Core )
Specialisation - Haven't decided yet :)

All the Best to all members of class of 2014 !

See you there...!

One thing that I have noticed is that not many people prefer IMS these days. I can tell you CAT paper was closest to the IMS mocks. They have some fantastic VA and RC sets.

Even if you don't take their full time test series, watch out for the CAT 500 series that comes. They give a book of the most common CAT questions as per past trends and a few mocks. It may be 5-6 mocks. The percentiles that the calculate is a joke...but its good practice....TIME mocks can sometimes be a little out of touch from the reality...

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tiger619 Says
which new iims are proposed to cum up? in nxt yr?

Well I'm keenly awaiting IIM Chambal...we can have a course called Paan Singh Tomar there...
Very well put :clap:
Completely agree with you there

Two of my friends have converted both NM-Core and MDI-PGP and this were the exact thoughts we shared when we were discussing which one they should go for

In my opinion, your opinion is not biased

Exactly! MDI vs NM was always debatable...Don't want to compare institutes...but making the decision isn't plain vanilla easy....
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Well its very interesting opinions i am witnessing this year...

When ABKSI came out with their shortlist everyone said Why on Earth are IIM's looking for great acads and why not giving importance to CAT which is their own admission exam... And everyone are still cribbing out it.. So much so that CAT 2012 Aspirants are thinking of MBA outside India or MBA from Non-IIM Institutes...

Boss, Chill!! Its just that the opinion was made because people below 98%ile were just shunned out. See, giving high weigtage to CAT score is not wrong. Even NMIMS gives a lot of weigtage to NMAT score. But we do see some people with lower scores making it there.

I'm not comparing institutes here. And MDI is fantastic! Its just that post-CAT process was not given any importance. Then why conduct!

Anyways, perceptions differ on the basis of which side of boundary you sit on.
Congrats BTW!

Some senior said that the experience in MDI is truly world class....well their admission policy is not even remotely world admissions on the basis of exam scores used to happen in undergrads...sad to see a "premier" management institute doing this....

All the best to the converts!