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btw this is the time when i shud be immersed in my QT books(hv my sem end tomorrow) but this blog has kept me hooked to it...

Ankur u rock!!

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AWESOME!!!!.....I envy you Ankur.......this is aftr ghzd that i m visiting this blog n my my this place seems to be rocking...everybody has been curious to know where the rest of the imtians are....the answer to this is that Mr Vohra has been doing such a great job that we neednt add nethin...coz believe me no other person cud do justice more than he can...he has included each and every detail of what we ve been experiencin here...kudos to u,ankur for handling this single handedly...
Great job my fren...carry on with the spirit of imt....:rockon:

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hey raj...nuthin personal...but wteva i posted was true if i take the words of a second batch student of IMT...though he did not temme the kind of package these guys were bein offered...he did confirm wteva i had mentioned earlier...
neway,i wud definitely check my sources again...bt it wud be gr8 if u cud tell sumthin abt ur placement...where hv u been placed?...
thanx in advance for givin all the info.....

Hey dear ones..........
well said by modernite,tht dere r ppl who hate IMT n dere r ppl who lov IMT, and at this point of time just think wat u want to do....Its high tym u guys start taking decisions on ur own........lotzaaa discussions has already been happened n it will continue in future but the need of the hour is to just take a decision n stick by it.There r positives also n negatives also about this institute, U have to take risks in life to anticipate for higher return in future......so make up ur mind early!!!!!!!!!

For upaasana n rishitkej......
When u have the right data den only show it to odurs wid confidence odurwise y 2 confuse ppl.....
Out of 100 ppl,6 ppl hav opted out of placement process(as dey wanna become enterpreneur n hav dere own plans), 60 ppl hav been placed including dubai n india, 34 ppl r still yet 2 be placed....
34 (unplaced) = 19 (INDIA) + 15 (DUBAI)

Those who have been unplaced as of now, includes 4 ppl who hav been placed earlier (a company offered 2.75 lakhs/annum) which dey hav declined to take.If u think its wrong in declining a offer like tht den its ur wish....(Mind it of those 4 3 r finance toppers)......
Now this is FACT........Ur wish to believe it or not..........We final yr ppl just want to help u guys....

Now sumthing abt TXFREE nature in MIDDLE EAST......
Whatever u earn here, its TAXFREE here ie ur CTC offer will be ur in hand income here........Company may or may not offer u accomodation, it solely depends upon C 2 C.
Major expenses r Accomodation, Transportation 4 taking TAXI (College will provide u free transportation as thts d same dey r doin now,MOBILE ( India calling is INR 25/ min but don't worry u can use VOIP services tht ll giv u a cheap rate of INR 3/MIN).........

So at the end its ur priortities tht ll giv a backing 2 ur decisions.so think of it n den take it........!!!
God bless u all!!!

Hi Harshvardhan...nuthin personal...bt as far as the placement scene is cncerned,I d like to tell ya sumthin....well i found out frm a second batch student n cnfrmed this....the thing is that the ppl who ve nt been placed is due to their own mistake also....these guys were offered placements bt they deferred it in anticipation of better packages once the inst gets accredited n shifts to the new campus...so some where these ppl are also to b blamed for their mistakes...n the current status of placement is that 70% of the batch has been placed...
i hope i hv helped in some way or the other...
all the best

bro nothing against IMt-D, but did u try to find out the actual living costs incurred in Dubai. true tat Dubai doesnt have any tax of income, but as an expatriate u wud be taxed for every thing else.....so don't think tat ur income is totally tax free.:new_terminator:

Now lets do some real dissection of the course....

If u had done ur research, u wud realize that the course is in line with international b-schools. which was the first thing which interested me in IMT-Dubai. But try comparing IMT-D with other factors which these International -schools which offer similar number of subjects on these parameters.

1. The Batch of these intl schools have a minimum of 2 yrs of work-ex

2. Many such MBAs are of 12-16 Months durations

3. The diversified Batch Profiles. Not only people from diff walks of life but also from diff nationalities.

4. The Faculty. Most have an Industrial Connection and thus command a good respect from them.

5. The Alumni. though i wudnt judge IMT on this coz its still a sapling, but it won't grow into a tree if it continues its present admission policy, i.e to give anybody an admission by just checking his willingness to pay the "FEES". There is'nt any benchmark set. So on one side u'll have ppl who are good in their field, and on the otehr side there wud be ppl who are good for nothing. How would this transform into a +ve for anybody.

6. "Placements", the word which is on everybody's mind. Well for all those people who did'nt know, in the UK there are no such things as campus placements. Shocked are you??? well they have these placement cells which help you to design your CV and then through the network of your Alumni a job is hunted down for you, or if you could do it yourself, its all the most favorable. So you thinking tat IMT-D is ismilar.....NO, IMT-D doesnt have any such network coz its brand new, and neither the professors can help you coz they arent linked to industruries themselves. So wat u get is a Big mess, which sadly the present pass-out batch is facing.

Well these were the parameters I used to make up my mind .

Now for some Hard Facts.

1. 40 students out of the 100 are yet to be placed. 17 who opted for dubai are yet to be placed, and the fate of the 23 ppl who are waiting for Indian Placements is still in the balance.

2. None of the Finance people are placed. So people who want the finance field please think twice.

3. IMT-G is giving no help to IMT-D. Will then anybody please tell me as to how the so called IMT brand gonna help us if IMT-G distances itself from its Dubai Campus.

4. IMT-G helped only 5 ppl to get placed. Want to know the figures...well the max salary offered was 6 Lakhs and the least was 3.5Lakhs.

5. The proposed size of the batch for current intake is 250.

I was as enthusiastic about IMT-D as many of you over here. I too Liked the whole idea of gaining International exposure and being given a chance to work abroad. But when I looked over the parameters mentioned above it did give me a totally diff pic. Many of you here are freshers and hence many factors mentioned above may not hold much importance to you, but to me, who has nearly 4 yrs of work-ex, it makes a big diff.

I could very well get an MBA from a top 100 listed Institute for similar expenses. Though i need to put more efforts for that.

Well I'm not discouraging anybody as to not to go there, but i would advice them to think twice before spending their(or their father's) hard earned money.

Cheers ppl

so angel...finally wt hv u decided?

This is really getting nasty!
How to decide whether a B-school best suites to our interests and competence?
Primary Parameters
1. Industry Interface
2. Pedagogy and Strength of course
3. Faculty
4. Alumni Strength
5. Specialized B-schools
6. Placements
7. Infrastructure
8. Research Excellence Vs Academic Excellence
Secondary Parameters
1. Degree Vs Diploma
2. Boarding Vs Day School Programme
3. Global affiliations and accreditations
4. Fee Structure
5. Location
6. Timing of entrance examination
Considering the primary factors, we are only talking about the 'Placements' and I still find the situation being very dicey!
And we all know what the fees amount to?
Please give careful consideration to all the aspects before coming to your final decision!
Take care!
PS: Its all about value addition not just acquisition of a degree.

thanx ya for the info...but i need to get the date extended for other reasons...do u intend to get it extended??...thanx neway...

hey no need to panic about getting the last date extended.....i wud say that u first apply for your loan and then send them a letter along with a copy of your application stating that the bank requires min. 20 days to process the loan (which is a fact).....so this wud make ur case strong for an extention....u can just request your banker not to go ahead with the wire transfer unless and until you ask them to do so....and dont worry, it takes just about 4-6 hrs for the other bank to get the confirmation of your payment, though the actual payment takes about 3-4 days to transfer(which is none of ur headache), so after the payment is made u can just fax the copy of the counterfoil to IMT, and it'll take care of that.....

have been dealing with wire transfers for the last 3.5 years....so know quite a bit of the loopholes (or smart working as i call it)

ok here is sumthin that might help u decide...the following is the opinion of a student of IMT-D 2007-2009..."the colg...is OK...jus OK....nthng grt abt it..2 b vry frank...but yes 4 sure its gonna shine in jus 2 more yrs...the 1st batch placmnts are 60 % as of nw...n we xpct it 2 b 80 %....by the end..
avgr salry for dubai is arnd 9 lakhs rupees n for india is 5-6 lakhs"
...though he admits that the institute is nt goin great guns bt in 2 yrs time there ll be improvement...so giving it benefit of doubt,its nt all that bad also...n the thing is that today they r takin ppl easily bt tomorrow who knows,it cud gv gud competition to SP Jain...btw even SPJain admitted students easily wn it was established...so think really well...all the best..

Hi All BBLTians,
The MBA story for this year has ended in a very bad situation . I have just two converts IMT_D and IBS chenncai , I was prepaering since feb'07 for the same then also this situation.
My profile is good enough.
I have passed frm BIT ,Mesra . Electrical and electronics at 2004.
Then worked from jun 2005 at hewlett packard , the job is not that good its support only.
Today I am in soup whether I should connfirm IMTD , it will cost arround 16L + 2 L . It's a new college just 2 yrs since inception and there is no competition for the same , anyone giving interview is selected.
Nothing against IMT D , the qualtilty of peers you will be is not that good .
I have a vague picture I want to do in finance but what actully I want is very tough to get IB.My dreams still are high to be an enterpeneur and set up a company in fitness domain.
I really don't understand what I should do ? Wait for another year or just join. I CAT Score was 77 % after doing so much hard work and after attending all TIME class. This year the picture wil be the same , getting in a good insti in INDIA through competition seems distant for me.
Going to USA/abroad will not solve my purpose,as I need to setup enterprise and stay in india itself.
GMAT route will help me only in SP jain and ISB , or any 1 yr program.
I have lost my confidence and also seems tough to wait for a yr then try all this again,
IMT_D though may not be good , Should I give it a shoot ?
I can't continue at my present job for long .. Due to the atmosphere I hav created that I am leaving. Its tough to stay back and work in my company.
So if I don't join this college IMT , I have to search for a new job which is tough at this present market.
And after getting a new job .. Preparing for an MBA becomes much more tougher...

My parents and family want me to try another year.
I want to quit my job , Do CFA .. NCFM .. Prepare for GMAT and giv a shoot for some other colleges (dnt know what) in 2009.
So considering all these facts I am in a soup and need expert advise.

Hi buddy....hv u sent d cnfrmation letter?n do u intend gettin the ast date extended?

hey guys....i have enquired a bit about the placements at IMT,dubai....and according to my sources,the placements there are a little sloppy.
The placements in India is a big liability...the packages offered are quiete low (about 3 lacs/annum)-leaving one or two students who have got higher packages............the finance people are not getting placed there and some who are-they are being offered marketing jobs
As far as placements in dubai are concerned,the 12-13 lacs(INR) packages that are being offered mean quiete a bit less in Dubai than in India....i guess they are equivalent to 3-4 lacs in India.
Also,since the number of subjects there are lessser than Indian B-schools,the students face a lot of problems facing the interviews held by the companies.

Well guys, i am not discouraging u guys to join IMT,Dubai but that info i got from one of the current student there.Even i am in a confused state.
But since this is the first batch,hence some complications are bound to happen.
Having said all this i may still be going fot it.

hi everybody,

cud sumbody please tell me if nebody has got the date extended?actually i called up Mr Agarwal n he said that i talk to Dr Sherry...did nebody face the same...please tell me...

hi ppl ...can sumbody please tell me by hw much time r these guys extendin the dates?