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confusedbilla Says
So now the course is of 15 Months!!WOW!!!And when the companies wil visit campus??After taking other candidates from other campuses???

WOW..could have been in small...atleast you probably meant so..correct?
May we know whether you are confirmed,if so whats your name,if not so whats your W/L no?
confusedbilla Says
Thanks in advance.
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I will add in my experience:-

The GD always have a mixed group- I mean boys nd girls nd engg. nd non-engg students.Our discussion revolved around this same way of choosing education stream and then the dean slowly pushed it to the suicide incident(read above).
Think while you listen as to what point you could say.
The more you say points away and apart from others( but of course relevant to the topic) the better it is.
Do your home work on current affairs- read/listen debates online and gather views.
For PI it is always a very delicate game of your weakness vs your strengths.
Few points I can gather in this very vast subject:-
1. First prove your honesty- the best way to do is saying no to things you didnt do or dont know(trust me the proffs know a lot and can catch you wrong footed if you deceive)
2. Practice sanitation question again and again- improve them every time you see a loop hole.
3. Drag your I/V to your strengths- leave subtle points on every answers so that the I/V follows your set track(the more you do #2 the better you will understand this)

ATB..AIM rocks...

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sudi5184 Says
we belong to category B

Nops..its C

This category of students are extremely benefited by xtreme milestones achieved by their seniors.Their seniors are notin but a wonderful bunch of gift to them.
Lets point out some reasons why I say this:-
1. Branding GMP - we all will know soon the salient sub points behind this, I just got a brief of it
2. Channelizing their positive energy to actual productive outputs
3. To create a vision of for us to follow
4. To treat an about to GMPian with so much flowers of information
5. To clarify the novice most queries with penchant on minute details
6. Energy like anything... I had to drink a couple of soda to sync with them

Guyz you rock and will always be remembered.I did not want to do this but I have to---name a few.

From the bottom of my heart I apologize for missing a few names as when I was approaching the station a heat wave blew few goodies from my memory, but I will get those from the profile PDF in XL site and re-post

The Champs list...

Santanu(I have seldom found such a big hearted individual)
Nitin(The dada of XL)
Bala(Bala Kemkar-..I know there are 3 Bala's)

To be continued....

For C category students like me I will share the document once I complete my loan formalities- I am bit hooked with that...hope you understand and pardon me for that.
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Titash da,

I dint quite understand "dont deduct from my salary" part..!! they will surely deduct TAX from April and May Salary..!! I think I dint understand your post..!! Correct me..!!


They deduct the tax considering your entire year income, while most of us wont be earning enough for 2 months to cross the 3L barrier.

Well, talk to finance department of your organization, show them the resignation letter and offer letter- see what they have in store for you/us!...
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We have seen an email from Fr. Abraham, Director of XLRI, confirming the same. Hence AICTE approval is confirmed information. The mail read about 3 distinct benefits for the students:
This program will be of 15 months duration of which three months will be spent on Projects.
Service Tax will not be applicable for this program.
Students may be able to go for further studies.
However what impact it will have on fees or on any other aspects still needs to be confirmed to us. We will communicate once we get any official communication. I hope your offer letter will also provide significant clarifications to you. Thanks
GMP 2011 2012.

I may be totally wrong but I have heard that the 3 months (internship) is optional/depends on joining period of placed students.
This is what happens in MDI NMP program, I will talk to the MDI Students and confirm
Any concrete ideas puys?
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One quick question-
In the Loan doc it is mentioned that we need to give Resignation Letter/relieve letter. Ain't we going to get the loan done before Admission?
Then how is that possible- I must be missing something.

Also for people -
To get your Tax facts correct tell the finance department you would not be employed for the rest of the period of this TAX year and so - "Dont deduct from my salary".Else you are going to run after with your IT dept to get your hard earned money back

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PM ed you the details of the transition plan..

Others here's how the text stand.
Please note the details of people visiting 22nd

Bhaskar Chandra Chawda XXXXXXXX
Titash Maitra XXXXXXXX
Vineet Taneja XXXXXXXX

We have planned journey considering the timing to be as 12PM-4PM.
We expect to reach there by 11:30.
Please notify me for any changes, though I doubt how much we will be able to accommodate.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity


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What I see at 04/18/2012 11:59 PM IST 3 people up for transition.
Vineet Taneja
Manish Verma
Please respond in the FB event/PM me/sudi details if anyone is missed. I need to send over the info tomorrow to Santanu.

I have made a Query Sheet in the spreadsheet,please look at the bottom.Feel free to shoot specific query any of you have.If time & opportunity permits we will put those one to seniors.
Here's the link

Want to make sure all of us get the same share of info:)..ha!ha!

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Hi Puys,
I have got an admit too.
Have a total of 4.5 yrs of experience.Currently working in a consultancy and earning arnd 10lacs p.a.I also have the same apprehension.Is it worth leaving your current job and going for a course which is just starting and does not guarantee any placement.And what kind of profile one would expect after getting a degree in International Business.
Somebody said that placements will be done along with the pgdm folks.Is it true?
Kindly respond.

I researched quite a bit about the program and here are my inputs:-

Calculating ROI is not easy,B schools are not dukanwallah, who would fetch you jobs xxxx amount more than your present salary. Think long term dear and there you would have lot more benefits. Even if you get a lower than present salary job but a more prospective role and mapped role(I mean mapped to what you have studied)- would you take that? Now this question links entirely to you as a person. There is no good or bad!
Thus we can take out the placement point out of the scope presently

Now as far as the course is concerned -you need to research more on this read @AP81 posts and several other posts and form your opinion but at first be non biased before reading them and then conclude.

I am also in but will not be joining as I got through XL- GMP