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Hold your horses, C GMAT results aren't out yet. Will let you know when I get official word.

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thebigshort Says
Is it true that one has to apply to join say the Finance Club or Consulting Club? Or can anyone become a member?

There is an application process.

Is there anyone who has an IIMC call and no mentor? PM me and I'll chase the guys down.

Please enter the GMAT ID.

Hi aurora.kanwar, you'd be best advised to speak to the admissions office to clarify.

@thebigshort: You should get an email in a couple of days asking you to fill the form. Again, exam time so things are moving a little slower. I'll try and get the emails sent out asap.

@All looking for a date change: Email the admissions department and call them as well. Mention the issue in detail.

Regarding placements: From my limited experience of going through one process (summer placements) at IIMC, Banks like good academics/relevant work experience/stuff like CFA. I've seen guys with no work ex go to the top banks and the person recruited for the desk next to his was a guy with 5 years work ex in IT.

Consults: consistent acads have gotten people through to interviews and people with great EC have also gotten through.

Marketing: Decent acads help but great EC help a lot.

I'm afraid I cant comment in more detail as I myself have limited information

You'll be allotted a primary mentor and a secondary mentor. If the primary mentor doesn't respond, you must contact your secondary mentor. The secondary mentor will always help. If we don't we get

Congratulations everyone! One step closer!

We are currently in the process of allocating you mentors and you should get an email from us by the end of this coming week (latest). We have exams from tomorrow and therefore the slight delay.

You mentors will be able to guide you in detail regarding the process.


I'll inquire and let you guys know as to when the overseas candidate shortlist will be released. I remember it took a while last year too. The office will only be open on Tuesday now, so hang in there! :)

And while you wait, something to read :)

Jokatimes - IIM Calcuttas online campus blog

Can't be sure about the number of applicants. But I believe the ratio was 1:3 for the GDPI process.


Can anyone please guide me to the link for IIM B application form?

Not jst the 'Application Process', but the actual 'Application form'. I was unable to find it.


Last year IIMB had an online admissions portal. There was no one form.