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bro xyz,

can i get some test cds from u da... am in hyd too n stay at banjara hills... ive got Princeton n OG n am lookin for Kaplan... can we meet sometime. The material will be returned unscathed:) .



ohh so u r prathibha... major gyaan yesterday... u shud have some patience to write such a huuuge post...it was a nice one.

hi prathi...

me 2 from Cognizant joined in Jul 05...u in hyd?

hi people... new to this thread... me 2 workin been abt 8 months... plannin for MBA in fall 07 so takin GMAT this may. i kinda find it tuff to study wen i get home... damn i jus feel like crashin or relaxing with some music n tv.
how da hell do i manage?


hi CAT...man thats a gr8 score...can u help me out wid some prep resources...like prolly a soft copy of Kaplan, ive got Princeton and OG... not 2 many questions in Princeton and OG is for later.

hi saj_cher,

have u used the gmatter 2.0.0 s/w. am havin hell lotsa prblem dloadin it...damn thing wont unzip. its an absolute beaty this s/w. lots n lots of practice qs. so was wonderin in case u have it, can u send me across da set up file or the zip as a mail attache.

my mail - uday_chill@yahoo.co.in
another - moi.uday@gmail.com



hi ak1...

am havin tremendous probs wid this s/q. i have xp wid sp2. the thing is the zip file i dloaded from da site itself is corrupted. can u send me across the zip file as an attachment. my mail id



hi harsh,

ya i have an idea abt the score i have to get. i am giving it a shot because i think my extra curriculars can compensate for my work ex. GMAT score can compensate for my acads. So am lookin at 2yrs.



am plannin to take ma GMAT in may 06...targetin fall 07...coz i need abt 2 yrs work ex

hi guys...

uday here...am givin my GMAT this may...so add me up...btw my resouces for GMAT include a Princeton Review and searchin for an OG.