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i made my first attempt in cat11....
my cat percentile is 96.27
calls-xlri(hrm), iift, sp jain, mdi
i am determined to appear in cat12 and want to improve my cat percentile to 99+ as i am targeting iim a,b,c and xlri(bm)
i was a regular student of time. i found time material and test series world apart from the actual cat paper....i need to improve my speed in qa so along with test series i also want to take online material for regular practice so that i can improve my speed......can anyone sugest me which coaching(apart from time) has the best online material???

Well I dont have a lot of experience in this field but what i heard is that career launcher is providing some awesome support online, u can go online any time and take tests (according to ur difficulty and duration), and the results and percentiles are displayed instantly. (I heard this from a friend so as this info isnt first hand you better double check before you take any decisions) :cheers:
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Ok, so I am from Calcutta(Kolkata) so what i wanted to know is here which coaching cenre is preferable, i have shortlisted two Career Launcher and Time. Now I am personally preferring CL but some friends are warning me that the percentiles that i will get in cl will not be as accurate as that in Time(according to them the time student pool is greater than cl), is there any truth to this? :shock:

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(1) My take is 4

Each thing has 'n' ways to choose a person to go. So, n things will have n*n*n*... n times = n^n ways

Now, we need to remove cases when all get some things. This will happen when each one gets 1 thing.
Such ways = n!

=> n^n - n! = 232 => n = 4

(2) My take is 6

Let number of candidates be 'n'
Each person can vote to 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., (n-2) candiates

=> Numbers of ways in which a person can vote
=> (Select 1) or (Select 2) or ..... or (Select n-2)
=> nC1 + nC2 + ... + nC(n-2)

Now, we have nC0 + nC1 + nC2 + ..... + nCn = 2^n
So, nC1 + nC2 + ..... +nC(n-2) = 2^n -
=> 56 = 2^n -
=> n = 6

thanks man! BTW both answers are correct!! Srry for the late reply, my net connection went down!!
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I was having a problem with some sums (Permutations and Combinations) can anyone please help me out?

1. If the number of ways in which n different things can be distributed among n persons so that atleast one person does not get anything is 232 then what is the value of n?
(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) none of these

2. In an election for the post of president of students union, every student can vote in 56 ways. Every student votes for atleast 1 candidate and a student can vote for more than 1 candidate. If the total number of candidates exceeds the maximum number that can be elected by 2, then what is the number of candidates?
(a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 6 (d) None (Personally I think the question is wrong)


Thanks in advance!!

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I am from Kolkata and currently i am confused as to which coaching classes to take, TIME vs IMS vs Career Launcher Vs Erudite!! Can u guys please help me out on this one? I am talking specifically about Kolkata!
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Neetujain1987 Says
For 1st day , is it 103??

I got nearly 103 as well, but the answer is 107. i think its the incorrect answer as well!
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I've been solving Nishit Sinha quants. Been having problems with the following problem:
A shopkeeper sells 2 types of goods, both at 120, whereas the first cost him Rs 90, and the second Rs 160. Sale of A started from 1 for the first day and went on increasing every day by 4 units, whereas the sale of B was 450 first day and went on decreasing by 6.

1. Shopkeeper has planned in such a way that he starts earning profit exactly on diwali which is N days from now. What is the value of N?
a. 103 b. 105 c. 107 d. 109

2. On which day will he earn profit for the first time on a day to day basis?
a. 49 b. 51 c. 53 d. 55

any help will be appreciated

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My name is Utsav and I am new to this forum, though i have been using it for a while staying unregistered.
Well i am pursuing a B-Tech in CSE and hoping to do some serious MBA.

PG has been one of the most useful forums ever, as most of what i faced problems with had already been answered. But hoping that my experience is just going to get better!!

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