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Hi Vamsi,

Congrats!! Just wanted to know when was your Evaluation?

Thanks Pooja, I had my evaluation on 31st March.


Hi folks,

I am elated to tell u that I have recieved the offer mail today.:)
I have been with Kanbay and ABN Amro for 3+ years and will be joining the IT Mgmt program.
Look forward to join a great bunch of people in Dubai.


Dear Rutty,

Sorry to ask u the same question so many times. But the wait is just killing. I hv attended the GD/PI on March 31st and it has been almost 40 days since I am waitlisted for the IT Mgmt program. I am not sure if the results are not yet out or the system is not updated with final results. Please let me know by when do I know my result. My App# 14485-IT.


Any idea how good princeton review's course is in Hyd?
Plz post any info related to gmat training in Hyd.


Dear Rutty,

I have attended the evaluation process(GD/PI) on 31st March and have been waitlisted.:neutral:
I find that the IT mgmt program starts on Jun 16th in Dubai and its already the last week of April. Keeping in mind that there is a whole lot of stuff one needs to get done after getting admitted(secure loan,serve notice period in the company, laptop,air tickets...), please let me know how early can the waitlisted candidates expect the final result. My application# 14485-IT.


Hi Rutty,

I recieved a mail two days back saying I've been shortlisted for GD/PI on 31stMarch.
I hv registered for the 11.30 slot on the link provided in the document. However, I have not recieved any automated mail confirming the slot for me (as mentioned in the website)Please advise. My Application#: 14485-IT.


I have two queries:

1. Is the last date for admissions over? Can we still apply?
2. I hv a GMAT score of 660 taken in Sep.2005. Is this enough to apply?

Please help by replying.


Hi Rutty,

I hv applied for the June intake a couple of days back.
I hv 3.5 years exp in IT and applied thru GMAT score(660).
Is there a chance tht I may be called for interview?any tentative dates?
Please reply as I am leaving to a client location and need to plan so as to attend the evaluation process in Mumbai.

Hi guys,

Found the "Application not successful" message in online status today:wow:
If 650+gmat and 4yrs exp doesn't get u to even interview at Nanyang, just don't understand what to say:(

Hi Manish,

I guess you will get an email with your app. no as soon as you click submit button. it starts with 'M07' . If you dont recieve this mail then pls call up the admissions office and enquire.
@ssam, looks like the 700 thing is really playing big. My 660 GMAT/4 Yrs exp. has not fetched an interview call yet from Nanyang and it has been 3 months already??: God...throw some luck at me:

Hey People

I have just finished my application... But i m not able to proceed with the payment....I am not able to locate my Application No. where shd i find that..

Plz reply , its urgent