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I wud like to know what kind of roles does ICICI offer.

I was interested in it as one of my friends got placed in it from IIMA.He was not very satisfied with it in terms of compensation .

Just out of interest ,I wanted to question why IIMA shortlists some companies like HCL.ICICI ,infosys.Is it becoz the profile they offer at this college is different
from rest of IIM's,their has to be some reasoning behind it.

rest all such placements related queries for the time being. You will get enough gyaan and a better idea about placements and offers once u arrive on campus. There is lots of time for it. Here, you will only get multiple opinions, and who is to say things will remain the same two years down the line.

For now, just concentrate on getting here and being a part of WIMWI.

2) This is what I remember having heard, "IIM A is an institute for management education, and not a business school. We dont just teach u to do business, we make global leaders here"
3) A major component of the ratings on which these rankings are based is the average salary from placements. Considering the level of work-ex IIM A has, the average salaries fail to compete with global school. This may not be the only reason, but is definitely one of the major ones.

1. As already pointed out, 2 or 3 years in a software company doesnt really make u a better manager by default. As one of the our profs said, IT companies are just an extension of college life. Ofcourse, some of us do manage to pick important nuances that will hold us in good stead, but its unfair to say freshers dont make good managers. If u are not, this place will make sure u become one :)
2. The fact that quite a large number ofus are engineers is more due to the way education system in our country is set up. All smart people have only engineering and medicine as options. Again, lets not put all engineers in the same bowl. Every person is different in terms the things he has absorbed, a person's education is a lot more than just his degree certificate.In short, each one of us has something different to bring to table. But again, we aren't in a position to comment on how much better the learning is with more diverse group.

3. Dont worry, most of us who want to go to exchange, does get to go. It is true that people w/o any prior foreign exposure are given a preference, but u can easily get a foreign summers and also go on exchange. I am myself a living example of the same.


Yes, there is a huge discount in Latops cause you would be buying along with a 100 others, atleast. The only problem will be u wont have much customisation, but the laptop will be the latest model available, more than enough even for ur gaming requirements.

On campus, you CAN'T use cycles and bikes, simply because of its design. Lots of steps on the way. As such, distances between dorms and classrooms are too small to warrant vehicle. If u are lucky enough, you can reach ur class room from ur dorm in less than 2 minutes .

But please do bring ur bikes along, atleast we seniors will get to use them

how people r chosen for summers tht time we ll b having one term result at max ..wat s the deciding factor here apart frm interview


EVERYBODY HAS TO DO summers...its a compulsory academic requirement. And its the responsibility of the placement cell to ensure that you get a summers. so no need to fret about it.

Your first term results dont count towards summers, since you may not havet he results by that time (It is quite possible). So all you have done in your life till date, thats what gets you the interviews. After that, its only about the interview/s.
I would like to know how much time does a trimester last for .... i mean 10 weeks or how much.....
are saturdays working.....and can i have my sundays free......

Also is IIM A's proclaimed Case Study Approach too good....and is it really special....:poketounge:
How does one adjust from normal engineering routine to such methods....
Also would love any advice to engineers like me who have been chilling out and have made it through their final year without tooooo much effort... how to be ready for toughest study schedules in the world....

A "tri"-mester is approximately 10-11 weeks. Saturdays are off in the first term, well mostly. Sundays are definitely yours to laze :)

Case study method is really good, you learn a lot more through it and it enables some great discussions in the class room . The best part is, most of your jobs are just an extension to it, since cases deal with real world situations. Case studies require a lot of effort from you, (specially if u are sincere about it), but I guess they are worth the pain.

and about adjusting, dont worry. All of us have been jobless in our final years, and do manage to survive IIM A. Jab jaroorat padegi, khud kar lega . You will be amazed what you are capable of
Hmm ... Aditya Birla Scholarship ... I personally don't know how important it is to people. It's up to you to gauge the importance of it. Anyways, it will matter only in monetary terms and maybe for placements as a good CV point. I would recommend choice of institute not be made on this as the institute has a much longer term impact on you than a scholarship. So I would suggest you talk to seniors who have had ABS shortlists the last year and decide. Also talk to people about the institutes and their merits and demerits before taking a call.

The academics... Well it is rigorous, but it isn't too much. It's about learning to work under pressure and tight schedules when you have a lot to do. It's difficult at first, but you get used to it very soon. And I personally have learnt a lot from those days where there was a lot to do.

100% attendance rule does not exist as such, but generally it is advisable not to miss classes. There are marks for attendance. But you require atleast 80% attendance. But your "CP marks" might suffer a bit.

And about the "Gyan" .... be careful what you wish for .... you'll get lots of it ...from profs, batchmates and most importantly !! Us PGP 2s !!!

Aditya Birla scholarship has its own charm, no doubt about it. But you have to remember that any IIM can ONLY SHORTLIST you for it. The final authority is with the AB Group people. There is a whole lot of interviews and essays to write before you get the schol. And If I am not wrong, its only 10 ppl across all IIMs combined who get it. (No personal experience disclaimer). But yes, talk to people who have been there and done that. I think the AB Group website gives the details of last year's schol winners, check it out.

About lectures, we had 3 lectures a day, and you are done for the day by lunch time (well mostly). And yeah, aur bhi bahut kuch hota hai yahan, ird gird, arbit and vellagiri. Ofcourse, kaun karta hai yeh sab, is something you will find out soon :)

WIMWI is not outside the city. The shopping hub of Ahmedabad, CG Road, is hardly a 15 min drive.

ACP to that! (Start getting used to the lingo guys )

Congratulations People. Welcome to the world of WIMWI.

Before you shoot all your questions, hang on till you receive the courier from IIM A. Most of your queries will get answered. The Yahoo group is also going to come up soon, another huge source of information.

For now, chill and party out for some time. As Samy said, sab ho jaayega.

Hey off to ING Thailand this summer
Profile: Asset management and investments

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My profile:

Name : Rohit
OA= 99.76

NIT, Surat -59.6
+2- 68.5
10- 82.8


3 years

Positive points

1.Have done very well in my job, got promoted to the level in 1 year where it takes atleast 3 years
2.Very diverse hobbies - Horse riding,sketching,social causes
3.I have been involved with quite a lot of leadership activities
4.Extra curicular is very diverse - debating, model presentation, sketching awards, TnP , CHRD, Co-ordinator of the fest
5.IIT Rank -1361, State Rank - 23

Negative points
1.Bad Acads in Engeering
2.Two year drop after +2

Other interests:
1.Swami vivekanada

Can you guys suggest on what lines can interview go?

Other calls:



Well IIM A interview tends to cover most of the areas, they try to be very comprehensive. Yes, ur acads will come into picture, but try not to get defensive. DO NOT bring it into discussion unless asked for. As for ur hobbies, since they are wierd, the onus is greater for u to be well versed with them. Pick one or two of them, and do a thorough research. believe me, these people will have enough knowledge to catch someone off guard (u will be amazed at what all they know).
Btw, am also from the same college NIT Surat..PM me if u have any specific queries.