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wow!!!! havent been surfing PG much at all lately but read thru every post on this thread!!!! had doubts earlier bout online communities , even though PG was so well knit , bout if they really achieved much when needed or if they were jus windows to pepl shacked in cubicles , but now, really they r jus super power if u know how to mould em.

terrific handling PG, so good to follow up the whole thing n not let it die out or get sidetracked by devious posts . next time i come across some dirty entangle
tht makes me furious cos i cant do nethig bout it I'll know whr unload myself.

as for the incident its changed one thing for me , I wont roll my eyes up n think "which world r u in?" the next time my mum voices worries bout grls going out of town to residential schools. thot she was mad whn she said she wldnt let me go out even if it was the best B-School , now i understand her.


somebody was looking for TOI journalist numbers , if u stil need thm I hav thm.

I can see why prospective employers would be scared to hire folks who have this line of thinking ;)

:) :)

yes they wld be scared , but its not bout doing it at the cost of studies , only if u can do it easily without much prep (tht doesnt sound too tough rite now ) n may be make a switch if u hav things favouring u

the work option scares me cos coding day long is just not viable ,

actuallly id really like to know if it would look really bad on the record if u had change of management schools like tht , do pepl see it in a bad light generally?
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i was just asking arnd about the same thing , n heard of 2 examples whr pepl got like 99.96 n 99.53 aftr writing cat from K n I dunno bout the conversion tho

can nebody else shed some more gyan on the wisdom of doing this?

is it better to work n try cat again (hate s/w work!) or try luck aftr joining I?

Hi all
might sound strange indeed...i've go an I call but want to try for IIM-A,B and C..can i join I and try ..even though i wont get time to prep...

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really bad day for me,
calls - ABCLIK
converted only - I thot B n C had gone well , dint attend K

dont know if im gonna opt for I or wait out a year

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Me and Sachin planning to go to PRATHAM on Thursady afternoon... still not comfermed... is there anyone else joining us???? turquoise & Mansoor... i feel u r kinda free... why don;t u join us... please PM me or sachin abt ur availability!

will make it on thurs , not really free till 15th but will surely come


r we just 8 of us in bangalore????? pepl do reply if at all u r interested ,

it was really gr8 meeting all those kids,so many things we take for granted n cld easily part with wld mean so much to thm ,it wld be gr8 to hav more pepl see if they cld help thm

do drop in with PM's n posts , this really is one of the things id never regret having spent time for

hopefully lotsa more pepl on sunday

calling all !! beep!beep!

a) city programs ()
b) literacy
c) tutoring and mentoring
d) blood banks/ hospitals
e) environment
f) senior citizens
g) children
h) food/shelter

Of the above, b and c are of interest and are something which I feel can be sustained over the years. Sure, food - shelter - we can go into them once a while if and when the proper cause arises. Even blood banks , if a group member collates proper information, we guys may actually donate blood once a month. Rather than calling it community service, I would prefer it fall under a regular occurance. Just 30 mins of your time.

What say Junta ?

the mentioned options are really the most sustainable but isnt e something tht really requires awareness , not any major environmental revolution but general awareness about small things we can help.

this wld hardly take any time from neone , but people just need to be aware of whr they can approach on seeing snakes being beaten to death or a big old tree being felled or those many many rickshaws tht run on kerosene spewing smoke etc etc n ne othr small things we can help ............. y only look at humans???
small things mght make a difference cos however educated pepl r , some amount of awareness is necessary here ........

hey shraddha id love to join the conf too .......


wow!so many visitors to bangalore!

not wanting to add to the confusion bout the plc , but ......

2 ) Cubbon park - clean,fresh place with enough space for enitre PG comm.

is it still clean , thot the place was pretty messed up now..... if it isnt loadsa space to meet, but otherwise if it has to be a park , the kariappa park is better kept.....

but otherwise how bout a restaurant with space? there is this place called holliday village(or inn, am confused) on kanakapura rd(neone bin thr?) its got loads of space to eat in the open , or probably Inchara......... good things come in huuugggee numbers ........ was really hoping it cld be ameoba but surely they'd throw us out
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will make it on the 16th or around abouts, 2nd cant .....

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How this one...

which is the first CAST member to get a hollywood movie role...

HINT: Not one of the five...

Think :idea:

it was ROSS