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snap shot mock r u already done your registration? plz reply plz tell the procedure , becoz for me its difficult to do registration

can anybody plz help me regarding tiss hospital management mock paper download sites

plzzzzz can anybody send me some mock nmat? my exam is on 23 nov

A river is flowing downstream at 15 mph relative to the shore. A rowing team is practicing rowing and at first they row upstream (against the current) and can only go 1.5 mph relative to the shore. The man at the back of the boat is wearing a hat when they begin, but after 12 minutes his hat falls into the water (and floats) and it is 15 minutes since it has fallen before they notice it. They then, instantaneously reverse direction and row back to catch up with the hat, rowing with the same strength and power with which they were rowing before. How long will it take them to catch up with the hat as it is pushed downstream by the current from the time they reverse direction?

noblekalra Says
3x where x is length of tunnel!!!!

Response 1:
7 times the distance between cat and entrance A
Response 2:
24 times the distance between the cat and entrance B
Response 3:
24 times the difference between the distance traveled by the cat when it moved to B than to A
Response 4:
7 times as fast as the cat.

plz choose between them and approach alsoooooooo:-(:-(:-(
Neetujain1987 Says
31*19*67 my take
is it like multiply all the power no

A train approaches a tunnel AB. Inside the tunnel is a cat located at a point that is 3/7th of the distance AB measured from the entrance A. When the train whistles from a point C outside the tunnel, the cat runs. If the cat moves to the entrance of the tunnel A, the train catches the cat exactly at the entrance. If the cat moves to the exit B, the train catches the cat at exactly the exit. How far is the train from the cat when it whistled?
plz puys solve this ? its really silly question but im not getting the answer

plzzzzzzzzz tell me the long way bcoz i m not getting it?

Shortcut : 31*19

p.s: Tell me if u want to go in long way

How many positive divisors of n2 are less than n but do not divide n, if n = 2^31*3^19?

Using one or more of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, how many 7-digit numbers can be formed which
are divisible by 7?
plzzzz solve this???????????????????/