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If a guy is eligible for partial fee waiver under financial assistance scheme and apply for same.

1. Do we have to pay first installment of 1.15 lac and get the refund or we need not pay the first installment ?
2. If we need to pay first then , what about next installments ??
3. In case of fee waiver, will the loan be sanctioned for full amount ??

Loan will be sanctioned as soon as u cum to campus for admission...and the fee waiver scheme is a long process which requires lot of verification I wld suggest not to worry about loan amount, u wld b granted as much amnt u need...
razzie Says
@Seniors: Do we have a tennis court on campus? (Thinking of getting my racquet)

graison666 Says
I too have the same query.

right now we dont have one...but one big sports complex is in making...which most probly will hav tennis court and swimming pool etc...
Hello guys,

Does anyone have an idea about the fees structure and when is the cours going to start ?

Please pardon m ignorance if it has been very obviously mentioned somewhere. I just might be the dumbest guy selected for IIM Indore

for us the the fees is close to 9 laks for the whole program including evrything...I hope it will be arnd that mark for 2010-12 batch..n for us the course started on 1st july wid a 3 day introduction...
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I've heard about some pre-joining program of about two weeks... Is this correct ? Who'll decide that which particular student will attend ??? Who can skip??? when'll this be decided ??? :shock:

I've given my resignation date as 15th June...:cheers:

ya dis is will be decided by the college only...based on various parametres like academic bakgrnd, CAT score etc...nd it will be decided most probly after the final list is out...
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graison666 Says
How odd are there no IIM Indore seniors available for an informal meet in Indore itself :wow:

the reason is all of us are in different cities(mainly metros) for our summer internships...

ny boby received the official letter..

hi folks anyone having idea abt wen d acadmic sessions generally start for cet colleges....
n can I xpect sydenham with (151+3 + GD/PI) marks oms candidate...
thanks ...

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Hi ol, m goin for December L1...jst hav sum queries..the registration process is ol online ??????
n wat abt the study material they will provide ,it will reach us through courier???? n round abt how much time it takes after registration???? n i hav heard that schesher(not intentionaly) notes keep on changing so at the time of purchasing the xerox material wat care s'ld I take(Dec L1)...n one last thing ,...naa thats it ...thanks in advance...
....long live Puys!!!!!!

hi ol
ny one havin idea how many of us who rote feb mat got 800 ,read sumwre dat 99.87 %ile + ol guys got 800 but ny idea abt d absolute number...or in other words to what no. of candidates each .01 %ile corresponds to....