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guys from US, we should get in touch, perhaps over a teleconference

did u guys see that they are levying a 10.3% tax now? that increases the overall tuition by quite a bit,

Offered! Ya Baby!

Aritro9782 Says
Has it??? Oh has it??? Why don't I see it then??? :)

I agree. The thread is alive and well (and in my case...sleepy)
too many deadlines from you .

and they seem to be getting shorter everytime ..

as u would hope...4 minutes to current deadline of 6:30. (34 minutes to coming up new deadline of 7 PM)

7 minutes to new (artificial) deadline

Lol... I think the admin guys are waiting for u to doze off dude ..

Their wait might be coming to an end....i m this close to falling asleep.
MBA 2012 Says
Any luck on the portal, anyone? Mine still shows "Interview status: Shortlisted" :banghead:

Congratulations on the interview invite!
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30 minutes to the new deadline?

alwaysab Says
Sadly since this new deadline wasn't set by ISB folks .. no point waiting for it ..

cmon, dont ruin it for us :o. As they say "Duniya Ummeed Pe Khayam He"