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  • tote singh
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Pls somebody provide sc/st tracker link and those who have converted ABC kindly update it

Pls update sc/st tracker

where is the sc/st tracker link ?

Just for the sake of the next yr guys who may keep hopes of call from I..
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enjoy....shillong u r the only one fr me..:)i love u...

same wid 99.7 . wtf

Do anybody remembers what is the schedule for mumbai interviews???

Cat Score - 92 OA
Qa/Di - 84.61
Va/Lr - 94.39

10th - 63
12th - 64.4

Graaduation ( - 50.20 (commerce)

what about my chances ?

Do anybody remembers what is the schedule for mumbai interviews???
Hi Puys,

Have doubt regarding filling the year wise percentage score for graduation

our college has cgpa system out of 10

Every semester cgpa is calculated, so as per faq doc on iimk website, for a year get the cgpa for the semesters in that year and find out avaerage.
for ex
sem 1 cgpa- 8.95
sem 2 cgpa- 9.05 avg of first year -(8.95+9.05)/2 = 9.0
sem3 cgpa- 9.06
sem 4 cgpa- 9.32 avg of second year - 9.19 (which doesn't match with final cgpa i.e 9.32)

Puys please help, what i mentioned is correct os should i be filling differently??

Dude i think u should divide earned grade in that yr by earned credits that yr, that will u the figure not the average

Where is IIMR list/link ?

chachaG Says
bhai if there are no sectional cutoffs then it's fine.... bt one cant sure of that... bt thanx alot dude lets hope fr the best fr us.... :)

I think there won't be any sectional cutoff but there should be non negative or more than zero marks in each section
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