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aboyonbunk Says
Who all are in section E ?????????????? everybody do let me know.

how do u know ur section?

do we have to bring the books along tom?

wat is the reporting time tom, are the documents, photos, marksheets to be submitted tom or on 27th?

thegamingkid Says
puys how do we get to know that the 1st installment i.e Rs 80,000 has been received by hyderabad branch for Admission in Gurgaon Branch??? is there any confirmation letter mailed to us or wat?

go to and get the receipt

what all stuff n forms is to be brought along day after tom for the prep classes?

when is the 1st inst of fees to be paid? are u ppl buying their laptop or ur own?

wat's the dress code

are u guys planning to attend the prep classes from 8th june?

pravie Says
no study material got?i think ill hve to to wait till monday otherwise hve 2 call them fr study material.

i called gurgaon branch they told me to call up hyderabad and their no. never connects....were u able to speak to them?

How many of u guys are attending the prep classes from the 8th...n have any of u got the study material for them?

How are coll like ITM, SIES, IILM n other MAT Bschools compared to ICFAI mumbai, gurgaon n bangalore?

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