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Aritro : Hi

Rest of the gang : best of luck

best of luck everyone

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anyone from Udupi/Mangalore here?

akb1234, is surely a puy with a modest attitude!

There are plenty of Co2012 students in that the number might not be 350..

dreammbaz Says
Hey, even one of my recommendations reached late. It was an offline recommendation and has reached to ISB on 1st Dec evening. Any idea on whether ISB will accept my application or not? Also, I checked recommendation status today and it is still showing "Yet to recieve". Should I talk to ISB Adcom?

yes talk to them! only they can give you the right answer

Hi All,

I was active over here during cycle 1 of admission. Luckily i got an admit! here is my piece of advise to all the applicants

dont over speculate!
if you profile is strong you will get an interview call. so start preparing for your interview as soon as you submit your app. dont waste time in speculating whether you will get a call or not.

be thorough with your work and industry-
there are enough resources available on the net to understand the kind of question they will be asking.So be prepared

control your interview -
if you are well prepared, you will be able to control the flow of the interview. its like a game of chess, you need to know what the interviewers will throw at you, and how they will react to your answers.

Be confident -
the very reason they have called you is because they liked your profile. so always be confident. Dont be nervous even if you have messed up your essays (i didn't even know the meaning of the word that was given to me)

Dress appropriately,
do wear a blazer and tie. I seriously dont think that not wearing one will lower your chances of getting an admit, but for sure when you see other ten ppl waiting for the interview dressed up elegantly you will feel damn stupid!

best of luck to everyone

S13 Says
I think only merit based scholarships have been roled out. These I believe are based on academic performance. There are other scholarships which will be based on essays that you have to submit after the admit offer.

i got a need based scholarship
reviliant Says
How many people who have IT background got into ISB?

I am one.......

Mine is hyderabad campus