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For those who are still wondering where the link is :
Directorate of Technical Education

Goodluck !

The 2nd link is not working....does anybody has a working link.....
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ashutom Says
dude go to d tahsildar office ask for 15 yr certificate form it wil cost 2 rupees......fill up the form & ask abt d documents in enqiury counter they will tell u properly...put a 5 rupees stamp on d form and submit d filled form next day......they will give a receipt mentioning d date u will get ur certificate.....submit d xerox of it in college..generally it take only 8 to 10 days then u can collect it afterwards.in all it just cost u 7 to 10 rupees only & 10 days....hope this wil help....& i think LC is a must

Hey ashutosh ....i have applied for it and i will get it on 27th....
Do we have to submit that receipt BEFORE 2nd aug....?????
We cant submit that original certificate when the college starts...???
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hi dude...what if school leaving certificate is not available? is there any alternative?

And light bill shud be 15 yr old or current will do?

Since ive already submitted domicile wid dalmia college....will attested xerox copy work?

Lastly how many days does it take? Can i get it done in 1 day itself?

NO dude it cant be done in 1 day itself...it takes around 5-6 days....
Ya attested xerox copy will do.....
If L.C is not with u ...i think so Birth certificate will do....
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@mitPatankar Says
I think Digvijay was also arranging a meet but since he received a call from PL Arya Sir suggesting him not to arrange any meet as college itself is going to arrange a meet so again discussing about a meet should not create a problem for anyone as DTE is already creating new problems.

Digvijay was arranging a meet just for introductory purposes ...i was thinking of arranging a meet for ACCOMODATION purposes...i dont think the director will have a problem with that... :nono:
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Dude, I guess you stay at ulhasnagar right? Even I stay at Dombivli.
There are already 3-4 people in PGDBM from kalyan side, expect 5-7 more.
When I talked to hostel incharge and Mr. Arya they advised me not to jump into any decision directly, for 1st week I guess we'll do up-down then if we can form a group, we can always consider an option of accomodation there.

I think u r rite...for the 1st week we wil travel and see....
And by the time we get used to mira road we can any time look fro accomodation....

Hi everybody...
I think there are many ppl around who stay far away from college and are desperately looking for accomodation in mira road......
So i was thinking if we can arrange a sort of meet for the people interested...
Interested People Looking For ACCOMODATION ...Please PM me ...so that we can arrange a meet......

I will post the scanned format of the 15 year certificate proof (Which was given to me by dalmia college)....very soon....!!!

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I went to tahsildar office today.. & got to know other state born ppl r not getting any domiciles or praman patra (they r just keeping their cases pending & keep asking for more docs)..

i requeest to those who has the format of 15 yr residence form.. plzzzz share wid us here... it's been sooo long... i requested to many of u.. but i haven't got it yet..

plzzz share here or mail to me at pj.etrx@gmail.com

is this form or it's receipt is a must b4 17th??

Dude refer to my earlier posts....U WILL NOT NEED THAT PRAMAN PATRA OR 15 YEAR CERTIFICATE AND TRANSFER CERTIFICATE at the time of admission...!!!...!!!
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vee_ben Says
no when i went to coll today he gave me a sample format of some document which was in marathi...what document is that?...and what do i do wid tht//lol

Ya that doc in marathi is the format of MOOL NIVASI PROOF ( aka 15 year certificate ).....
u have to prepare that from tehsildar....u will need domicile photocopy along with the applcation for that certificate...
i will go to tehsildar tomorrow and will check the details...will post soon about that...!!!
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supgoel Says
hey i have submitted the original affidavit for minority during the form submission... for admission will the xerox be sufficient...??

Ya photocopy of the affidavit wil do...if u dont have it...the college will provide most probably....
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