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I have sent my withdrawal mail & hard copy of the same on 10th of May, haven't received any kind of acknowledgement for the same. I am really worried whether refund is under process or not. I tried calling them but no one is picking the phone. What should I do now??

Dear Candidate,

You have been selected for the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) of IIM Lucknow for the session 2012-14.

This is what the mail is. I guess it includes general too

Its highly unlikely that 57 people will made in 3rd list from NC-OBC. It must include all categories..so that means around 20-25 people must have converted from GEN .

Converted IIM-L (NC-OBC) today in 2nd list. AND JOINING.:)
Had converted IIM-I yesterday. Waiting list for IIM-I moves by 1.
All the best puys.


Converted IIM-L today in 2nd list.:)
Had converted NITIE in the main merit list.
NITIE NC-OBC waiting list moves by 1 . All the best to WL candidates.

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Finally converted IIM-L PGP in the 2nd list.

back to my home state UP.
IIM-I & NITIE WL moves by 1 .(NC-OBC)


when did the session started for last batch of IIM-I ?? ......I have to decide about my notice period. Kindly reply .

Converted .(NC-OBC)
now d confusion . What to choose b/w IIM I & NITIE , I know for some it may not be a confusion, but for me it is. I m interested in Operations profile & I heard NITIE the is best place for dat. Would really want seniors to throw some light on operations profile in IIM-I.

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Query from one of my friends :
He has converted IIM L - ABM program but he is not willing to join the course so here goes his query : What is the possibility of him converting IIM L PGP program when his name has already appeared for ABM, as ones he has submitted the money for ABM he will no longer be considered for PGP movement.


I dont think that he will not be considered for PGP , he will surely be considered for PGP program whether he deposits fees or not. Seniors correct me if am wrong.

when can we expect the score sheet (total marks and breakup) to be updated online like last year??

Shifthappens Says
FMS WL 36. What chance do I have ? what was the waitlist movement in IIM ABCL last year for OBC. Would be greatful if someone can give approx figure.

last year FMS waiting list got cleared upto 38 in OBC category....this time around can't speculate .....
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