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i got some queries...i jus got the call letter and it is said tat we hav to stay one day there after the gd/pi day....why is tat for..

i got my inter on 27th and i am plannin to shift it so tat i can reduce my leave days.. adn can some one tell ab teh accomodation stuff..whether we l be provided accomod or we av to stay in nearby hotels

i am comin frm chennai..and wats the best way to reach


TAPMi will not provide accomodation, but there are lota of good hotels nearby, so don't worry.
Visit T for more info.

In my opinion, the best way from Chennai is by train to Mangalore. There are lots of express buses from Mangalore to Manipal, and this bus journey takes around one and a half hour.

There are two trains from Chennai to Mangalore, West Coast Express and Mangalore Mail.

All the best !!

Regards, Arnab G.

One clarification about the fresher-workex thing...

We calculated that almost 60% of our batch have work experience. Most of them have, say, 2-3 years. But in my opinion they give more importance to the GD/PI performance and acads more than the workex.

Thanx, for correcting me Chirayu... but as far as last yr TAPMI's Delhi Interviews are concerned no GD summary was there.... atleast not in my GD...


In Kolkata we had a GD summary/essay. Apart from this, after the GD, each one of us was asked to present our views on the topic in three sentences before the essay. As far as I remember, the GD topic was something about the rising sensex, whether it is sustainable in future.
hi arnab,

this is ur namesake from kolkata itself.
can u tell me how shud i go to manipal from kolkata?which trains,which is the nearest station etc....
also,my gd/pi date is on 25 feb,but i have my LBS gd/pi on 24 th at delhi.so am planning to change the tapmi date.will that hamper my chances in tapmi??

thanks n regards

Hi Arnab !!

See, you can go from Kolkata in several ways...

1. Fly down to Bangalore, take a flight from bangalore to mangalore.
2. In case you want to come by train, take Yeshvantpur Express to Bangalore, from there take a bus. Lots of good bus services are available, the best is KSRTC (Govt.) Volvo buses.
3. You can come to Chennai by Coromandal Exp. or Chennai Mail, and then to mangalore by West Coast Express or Mangalore mail.

From Mangalore, it takes almost one and a half hour by bus/ taxi to manipal.

And I agree with Manish, your chances will not be hampered, just frankly tell them what is your difficulty.

Regards, Arnab Ghoshal.
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amit2111 Says
This Yr Is Goin Bad For Me....i Am Getting Calls Just By A Marginal Difference...my Fore Gd Is On 26th N Tapmi On 27th And Cut Off In Both Is Around 90 ...my Cat Perc Is 90.2 ,have Work Ex Of 10 Months...can Some One Tell Me How Many Calls Are Given By Fore And Tapmi And Who Give More Preference To Work Ex.

Dear Amit,

Dunno about Fore, but TAPMI does not give too much importance to workex. There are LOADS of freshers in our batch. Your acads, extra currs do matter a lot though.

We do have people with quality workex out here. So do not speculate that much...the bottomline is that TAPMI is a much better institute than Fore any day.

Regards, Arnab Ghoshal.
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Hi all,

This is Arnab Ghoshal, student@TAPMI. Do post / ask any query regarding travel information, work pressure out here, etc. and in general life@TAPMI...answers will be on their way !!

By the way, I'm from Kolkata...

All the best to those who got calls, see you soon !!


hi people,

i am nidhi, got a mail from tapmi stating that i have been selected for the pogramme,
have a few queries,
i have also paid up for FORE, so snr pls enlighten me as to which is a better option for me as i am a fresher.
also wanted to know abt the infrastructure and hostel accomodations
plus any body from calcutta joining tapmi, please contact me on nuuty_nidhi2000@yahoo.com

people from calcutta pls do come fwd and contact


Hi Nidhi !

This is Arnab from Kolkata, and I'm also joining TAPMI...
Actually can't wait to get there.
My personal opinion is that TAPMI is better than Fore, at least in terms of brand name. And as in any field, this brand visibility plays a great role. But, I repeat, it's my personal opinion, and the final decision will depend on your personal preferences and interests.
I think we'll have lots of common issues to discuss about, because the bottomline is...I'm also a fresher.
Do mail me if you want to discuss about something.

- Arnab.
i hv got it on 11th march at 130 pm at presidency college kolkata

wats the whole process consist
pls any1 describe the process which we hv 2 go thru

my percentiles

QA 91
VA 89
DI 99


X 72
XII 66


Hey even I have it at that time. PM me !
got thru with 94.74 in CAT.
8.4 in engg.


PG was covered in an article in BusinessWorld (3 Oct 2005).
Pg. no. 88.
Great piece of article that.

Congrats on touching the 50K mark. One more milestone in the kitty. Its like the SENSEX touching 10k:). Only thing different is PG is going to go only upwards from here. Wish i could say the same about the SENSEX

P.S. Cant we have our individual member number as well. We could flaunt that on the PG Tee like the Indian Cricket team

Great idea nikhil !!
we can have the numbers...
Are the mods listening ??
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