Bad Bad Aimcat for me. Managed to score only 40.

  • 75-78. 09 Jul.
alcatraz @Alcatraz42
fresh grapes contain 90% water by weight...dried grapes contain 20% water by weight...weight of dry grapes available from 20 kg of fresh grapes is ?
Abhishek Singhal @Darknight123
32^33^34 is divided by 11!! Remainder is ??? Option 5,4,10,1 Pl give approach !!
Harsh Vardhan Singh @harshcat91
E(n) is defined as sqrt(1+ 1/n^2 + 1/(n-1)^2 ) where n is a natural no. which is at least 2 find i=2 to 1005 summation e(i)
Devesh @thrillicon
@harshcat91 Used the same approach as given by managerbhai.
Has anyone been rejected?
P.S. - I've been waitlisted
Hey does anyone know the weightage to various parameters (CAT score, gd, pi) for final selection?
@heena7 said:
@thrillicon okay...yaad was your interview???
Can't really tell as it was a very short interview. Hardly 10 mins. But I pretty much messed up the extempore.
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@heena7 said:
@thrillicon -the guy with the specs???
@heena7 said:
@thrillicon -yes i was the first one to were???
I was the 5th one. Guy sitting exactly in the middle during the GD was me.