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Got an admit from NUS on Thursday. I am withdrawing my candidature as I have decided to go to ISB. Hope this frees up space for someone else.
Best of luck to everyone who is waiting.



In case if your laptop does not meet the minimum requirements, the laptop will NOT be allowed to be connected to the ISB campus network.

As a former techie i find this line very amusing. You typically write in such strong words if you figure the device (in this case the laptop) would be a security threat. This means the device probably runs a vulnerable OS, lacks anti-virus or worse runs pirated software.

How does having a sub-standard CONFIGURATION disqualify a laptop from connecting to a network . If the configuration is sub-standard, the poor sod will pay by not being able to run memory/CPU/storage intensive apps.

Makes me wonder what MBA's, who probably will be using the Office Suite, do with all that firepower :-). Folks at ISB, any pointers? MATLAB, Mathworks ???

All the best to all those who are waiting for results!!!

After reading the above posts, I feel I was really lucky to get thru BU with 1.5 yrs work exp...
n that too with schol...

Got my admit at 8:30 pm today. Waiting to hear from others.
did anyone with 5+ /6+ yrs of experience in IT clear R2? if yes can you let me know. i would be interested in evaluating the possible differences in the app so that i can close that gap next year.

btw, i mailed admission folks regarding the reason for rejection. they have asked to check with in may.

I have more than 6 years of IT experience. Glad to help ....

Me in too

Made it with a 3 lacs schol.

Just finished interviewing. Interview was on campus. Was kind of a historic moment today with ISB making it to the 20th rank on the FT rankings.

There was a huge party and I was invited too. After the dean's address I was summoned for my interview. (after writing that 100 word thingy)

There was a 2 member panel (both adcom). I walked them through my resume and told them about why I think I do a crucial job for my firm.

There were some questions on challenges I face in my job everyday.

Then came the most important question in the interview. Why do you want an MBA since you already are a Business Development Manager?

Luckily I had a good answer to that question. They seemed to agree in principle.

Then came my turn to ask them questions. The questions that I asked were relevant and ISB had the right answers to those.

Here goes nothing.

Impact of the Ranking:
1) Greater brand recognition worldwide (that was always a concern earlier vis a vis a global school)
2) Better leverage while negotiating salaries.

Had my interview with Prof. Srinivasan for about an hour. It was a very relaxed conversation. It started with tell me about yourself. After I took him through my resume, he started probing into the specifics.

I am a bizdev manager, so the conversation naturally went around challenges I face in my work. There was a discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility and what I felt was the right way to go about it.

Then there was a discussion on Leadership and Teamwork.

He asked me why I didnt opt. for a PhD and chose to go the MBA way. I was sufficiently able to convince him about my reasons for doing so.

He asked me why I stayed with my employer for 6 years. I had a convincing answer for that too.

He asked me if I had considered applying to US schools. I told him that I had applied to a couple. He asked me why I chose NUS.

Finally it was my chance to ask him questions. I asked him why did he choose to be at NUS. He gave a good answer to that one. I also asked him about the social scene at Singapore.

I wrote to the admissions office asking for Dr. Srinivasan's email id, so that I can send him a thank you note. Didn't hear from them yet.

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BE Computer Science from NIT (Honors)
6 years in IT,
Business Development Manager with Indian MNC
Limited activities and comm. service
1 year international experience

Submitted on 26/12/2007


Please post your profile. Further, let us know when did you submit your application
~ Sunil.
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