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_Rajeev Gowda, Prof of Economics & Social Sciences, IIM Bangalore (Photo credit: Tejas Team, IIM Bangalore)_ In a short interview with PaGaLGuY, Rajeev Gowda, Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, of the

I don't agree that people don't enter politics because it is corrupt or any other reason. If that were the case, people would stop preparing for IAS too. Young students don't enter politics because they CANNOT, you need a godfather or an existing support. Given a chance no one would let go of this opportunistic because the kind of power, money etc. it has to offer.

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_The IIM Raipur Campus_ The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Raipur, which became operational in 2010, ended the summer placement process for its second Post Graduate Diploma in management batch. A total of 76

Almost all the big names are missing, Not bad for a start though, but still a long way to go! It is comparable with colleges which are in the range of 15-20 rankings.

Same issue here. filled up hyd(mum) still waiting for a call.
Are mumbai people getting calls now ? or all calls have been done with

Are there any R2 Mumbai applicants out there ? waiting for the interview call ?
In gen, any idea about the Mumbai scene ? ... how many calls so far ? How many remaining ? When were the first R2 interviews scheduled ? When are they scheduled again ?

Are people getting interview calls these days also..or should it be expected after 1st of jan

Any hyd(mum) people waiting for a call??

I am a hyd(mum) candidate and I have not got a call as yet. I see the calls that people are now getting are mumbai calls. What does this mean..if i do not get a call now chances are over for me?

Have people who have filled hyd(mum) started getting calls yet? Please let me know.

By 95% I meant, 95% of the front desk roles are offered in ABC ( go through there placement reports) and the rest 5% in other top 10 colleges. People were offered associate profiles too.

We are not even talking about IT so that can be kept out of discussion.

From what I have seen, most of the front desk roles are offered in ABC ( and few in other top 10 colleges) while Indian I banks offer front desk roles in top 10 b-schools(JM Finance, SBI caps).

i banks coming to ISB would only prefer candidates with prior finance background because it is a 1 year program( somwhere in between regular mba and executive mba).

I doubt if the fact( 95%) is correct! When you say back office, you included IT in that, didn't u? I can say with some certainty that Business Analyst/Analyst(IT,Back Office) roles are the most common profile offered to the students of top 2 year MBA programs in India. My facts are based on the sample space of my friends. Only one got an intern as a trader. And guess what, he was already a CFA before he got into IIM A.

Talking about getting into an i-bank- I don't think it will be difficult getting a back office(BA role) job. I work for an i-bank so I can tell from experience!

what about hyd(mum) people. what are the tentative date of interview for us? where can one find them?

IT, Male, 5.4 years, GMAT 730, Average extra-curricular, Working for an investment bank, fair exposure in Finance domain

I did write to ISB. Let's see what becomes of it.

From what I gather, a PGP won't get me to the trading desk/front office. Middle office is likely. In India, most i-banks tend to recruit people in a business analyst(IT) role, which happens to be back office

IIM A is an exception.

You are completely wrong, all i-banks offer front desk roles in Indian management institutes ( 95% from IIM A, B, C). But all international banks do offer ! that too for offices in London, HongKong and NYU.

But at your profile (5.5 years of IT exp ) I doubt if any college in the world would allow you to get an I Banking job ( be it back or front end ) since most of these i banks have a preference for freshers or relevant work exp. or at least bachelors degree from IIT (atleast in India ! )