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Hi All,
This is my first post on Pagalguy.Like many other aspirants,i also had to deposit Rs 35,000 at SP Jain to secure admission.The same was taken as non-refundable acceptance from me.I have a final convert at MDI & am currently waiting for the IIM results to come out as i have IIMB,L,I & K calls as well.Would like all those guys like me who had to pay 35k at SP Jain to form a group so that we can jointly approach SP Jain for the refund in case it refuses to pay us if we approach it individually.


HEY MAN...exactly EXACTLY same problem here too man...SPJAIN n MDI convert...35000 deposited at spjain...n now waitin for IIM LIK am wid u man...we shud get dat money back!! n while we are at it...are u blocking a seat at MDI in...whcih do u think is ideas!!

hey puys....delhi dates out...mine's on 29th MAR:wow:
i mean...i wantd it to be late...but this is ridiculous....1 month gap between other calls n L

but am not complainin....!!!

got thru its 2/5 for me...I and L...

ma scores :-



dunno y i got rejected at B n C...but i guess am nt d only one with that feelin dis time around...


hey KOOL...thanx for d thread...first of all

got my first call from have a few questions about the coll :-

1)which 'specialization' is INDORE known,finance??

2)if u were to rate INDORE as compared to d oder IIMS...wat rank wud u give it...nt just in terms of placements...but an overall view...taking into consideration watever u think is nt sure wat all is..

3)hw has ur experience been at INDORE...was it good, better or wurse than wat u expected from an IIM??

Disclaimer- d queries mite sound a bit childish...but i just wantd to know...feel free to correct any misconceptions i may have

thanx again


dude..btw,when do d college people ask for ur marksheets?? is it after call but before interview or is it after d final selection has been made n uv been shortlisted for d course?

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HEY thanx a lot man..dat means a lot....takes a lotta load off our heads....i just hope wat ur sayin is right...even i think such a small error shouldnt make a diff...its not as if at N+1 u were in but at N u would have been out or something....

thanx again

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hey Mundra-R..thanx for the concern man..but the problem is..even he has mailed his form...i know it was real stupid of him to do wat he did..but....plz teme one thing....before giving calls they cnt verify the perentage...n if he does get a call..i guess they will make him fill another form with all d details again..right?? can't he correct it then??
also,he has filled it correctly in the CAT there is no case of him being accused of tryin to cheat..i mean..y would a person change just one ptage point if he had to??
Finally,is it possible that after givin a candidate a call n scrutinizin him in a gd n interview n givin him a final offer..dey would reject him coz of dis minor mistake..dat too if he tells em straight away if and when he gets a call??

plz don't take me in a wrong sense..i don't know how d process goes thats why am asking..i sat with him today n thought out all the consequences n this is wat we came up with...plz teme wat u think

thanx a ton

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HEY GUYZ...yahhhooooo!!! am i relievd or wat..just calld up MDI...dey say its not a problem if uv not filld d name n surname in d right soooo haappyy!!

btw,another doubt...a friend of myn made a mistake of 1 percentage point in his 12th marks..he filld in 76.7 instead of dis a big problem?? would dey check d percentage??

plz reply...its really imposrtant..thanx a ton

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HEY GUYZ....i screwd up d mdi form in d same way as many of u..d surname first thingy...but the worst part is that i realized my mistake AFTER MAILING the form..wat do i do i tottaly screwd or is dere a way out..plz help guyz..dis is givin me nightmares!!!!:(

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HEY BUCK_WAS...dude, got my result now..n u were spot on man..thank a ton \
keep rockin


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