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Food for thought:

Has anyone inquired about the attendance criteria that SIMS has set for placements. Its one of those colleges who places stress on attendance more than anything. If you do not meet their attendance criteria after 1.5 years, your dream of landing in the best of companies would be shattered. No matter how much fame and glory you might have brought for the college. And this is just one of the insights. There is lot more to it.

If you want to be a smart manager, first make a smart choice. Get in touch with someone who can show you the real picture.
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Welcome to a place where education stands still. Where attendance decides a persons potential and always will. SIMS it is baby.

How manny ppl were there in waiting list last year.....

what is the general trend regarding the same...

How manny ppl are there in waiting list?

as I have mentioned earlier..last year there were about 50..and all of them got through..that is the got to hope that others score in some better leagues
Hi Seniors,

My waiting list number is 40 and i know dat their are very little hopes for the final selection. I just want to know dat by 22nd March , will we get the final confirmation dat we are selected or not?? because in case i am selected then i have to serve 2 months of notice period in my organisation and for that i have to resign by 27th or 28th of march as classes are commencing from 1st June 2012.

Thanks & Regards,

dude one of my friends made it through at waiting list 49 last year..I was waiting list be prepared..and mail will come on 22nd march or max by 23rd..that is what happened last year..
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rajionly Says
but sir dis year.. they have put around 100 in d waitinglist.....:shock:

I wont know the inside stats for obvious reasons..all I can do is share my previous years experience..:|
arey yaar thats how i know im on the waitlist :D...what i meant was ab kya? i mean does anybody have any idea kaise hota hai..all they have said is this
"Please contact SIMS office through email or telephonically ( not in person) on 22nd March, 2012 between 12.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m."

22nd ko email aa jayega sham ko..chill mar
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rajionly Says
wow dts a gr88 news sir...... last year how many were put in waiting list...???

secret..but around 50
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harry2790 Says
hey seniors my waitlist no. is 13:banghead:.......what are the chances to get in??????????do i stand a chance??????

welcome to SIMS..thoda late sahi..:cheers:
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Hbahsir Says
can anybody share last years conversion rates for waitlists?

100% if I am not wrong

i was waiting list 2..and almost everyone in the list got chill mar
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aditi bhatt Says
tat phrase dint help a bit to reduce d

If you are above rest assured..and if even this does not help