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You all sound like cribbing kids ! You guys weren't aware of corruption before ? Never bribed anyone before ? Never bought tickets for a movie in black ? Never paid anyone ?

Sure, today all of us have been affected, but what is the big deal ? You have been as affected as I have been. One day, one exam, one leak and you guys are doubting yourself and what this country has done for you all this while eh ?

Don't tell me you guys didn't know about medical papers being leaked etc etc. Still you do trust docs.. don't you ?

One day a certain issue affects everyone of us here and you guys are whining!

Do a good deed a day, don't bribe someone. Stop someone else from doing the same. Can't take the grind, run off the nearest airport and zoom to the nearest foreign country you can hide yourself in !

Cribbing? Yes. Without a valid reason? No. Aware of corruption? Certainly! To know that nothing (i mean NOTHING) is sacred anymore? No. The enlightenment dawned yesterday.

And the truth is, I have NEVER EVER bribed, bought black tickets or anything. All along I have been a good law abiding citizen of this country (I dont even feel like saying my country anymore) all along. I know it is just an exam and life will move on...hopefully to greener pastures and better days.

And what has this country done for me? And what have I done for this country? Both ways zero. I studied in pvt instis, engg was through a payment seat (so no state subsidy) and I have paid my taxes. as far as i am concerned the account book is balanced.

Not a question of hiding, just about living a life wherein corruption does not affect the day-to-day life. I realise that corruption exists atthe top levels everywhere and I dont care about that. I just dont want it to affect my day to day life.
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Well, it's been really long since I even logged in here. Work pressure you see! Anyway, today was the day I really lost my confidence in our country. All through my school days, the IITs and IIMs were the shining lights of this country. They seemed like 2 islands of hope in a vast sea of corruption where merit was rewarded and money and ur background did not matter.

The IIT dream was killed in 1997.
The IIM dream was killed in 2003.

Despite all the crap that we talk and the highly motivating stuff that APJ Kalam talks of the fact is that our country is in deep s#it. Corruption has gone in so deep that it is like cancer. There is no way to cure it. Only thing that we can do is get outta this shitty country where money and political clout is everything. head out to better shores where your talents will be recognised and to hell with outdated concepts like serving ur nation. I am so disappointed that it's all I can do not to break down.

Anyway, I dont think I will be able to do much prep for round 2. And even have doubts if I will take it up. Depends on a lot of things. And I still need to come to terms with this and decide what is the next course of action.

What I have decided is this. In 5 years from now, I want to leave this country on a permanent basis and by the time I am 30-35, get a citizenship of another country - one where merit is recognised. This might sound high-headed, but I am so frustrated with the whole system

The only institution that I have any faith left in is the Indian Army. But I wont join because I dont think India, for what it is today, is worth dying for.

mera bharat mahaan! BALLS!

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absolutely insane scores for a paper like sim1. It would take more than a certified genius to get 108 in 2hrs. even chaps at mensa wouldnt get 108.

yup! they would not...I dont claim to represent mensa here, but I am a member of mensa and I secured a 53.75 with a miss in the quant cut-off. From some of the Ms I know, I find that the avg amongst Ms for sim 1 is 45 or thereabouts.

Who the hell are these studs anyway?? Which centers?? Why cant IMSpublich full details so that we could contact them??
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Happy Birthday! Hope it brings in a good year...

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Sauron - SAURON - SAURON!!
No Prady business X(

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Welcome me to the club ppl. With a net score of 53.75, yet no AIR. Missed quant cutoff by 1 point. AIR by net score: 123 and City rank: 4

Where is Ayesha?? she loses the bet!!! (Although this was one bet I would have preferred to lose)...

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S-A-U-R-O-N ... not SOUR-an...i dont know who sour an(ne) is, but it sure aint me. See, it's easy to remember...Sauron as in the DarkLord of Lord of the Rings...or did I just make it more complicated??

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my score was a net of 53.75 (or thereabouts)... where do I get the GMAT application forms?? Dont remember sectionals except that Quant was in single digits about 8, I think...

Where to from here??

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Hey Ayesha, plenty of ppl find my real name too u can call me Sauron. But no Prady please...either it is my correct name in full or Sauron...ur call :P

Oh yeah?? Am I gonna lose?? We'll see abt that.

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hey, does that link work? i go under the IMS students link and then it gets screwed up...

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