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bhai log...any one from Pune willing to donate his / her material..doesnt matter its of which ever insti...

Though am not writing CAT dis year but surely cant afford to miss those imp gyaan sessions from our mentor and other gods from in for the confy...

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Mentor saab, captain, vice captain aur ahmedabad ke sabhi khiladiyon ko mera sadar pranam......

Great to see our own Ahmedabad Dream Team ..
hope the team will score 1300 runs in the finals (considering all 13 players ) and more importantly will win the match..
Got late for the nominations nevertheless i know am already the part of this special team... ...
Am in for the confy anytime at night...and looking forward for AIR 1 in 6 days..

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Will do...Dinner sounds good after the meet.Waiting for everyone to pour in with their confirmations please.

Everyone who's name I've not mentioned please confirm of ur presence

Varun leader...:w00t::w00t:
am definitely in dis time................
in between congratulations to you and milind bhai ............

agar milind bhai next day aa rahe hai den we can keep the meet on 7th..
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Heyyyyy bhaiiiiiiiiiiii..
Pure ahmedabad ki taraf se janamdin ki hardik badhaiyan...
Next year to ap L me budday mana rahe honge...islie next time ki party bhi is bar hi de dena.....


God Bless you...

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PJ Set...

1.But to achieve 8 per cent economic growth, India needs to power-lift its exports from $46 billion now to about $100 billion.
(A) L.Mansingh, feels that the industrial cluster towns with exports potential like Tiruppur (hosiery) Panipat (woollen blankets) and Ludhiana (woollen knitwear), which have efficient assembly-line production facilities, only need to be promoted and their infrastructure upgraded to transform them into export zones.
(B) Even then, wed do less than what China does now.
(C) But Mansingh, director-general for foreign trade is optimistic, even as he acknowledges that the new SEZ scheme may not have a significant impact on trade or economy or offset the high transaction cost problem that plagues our exports.
(D) Ajanta Clocks, for instance, saw drastic cut in production cycle from one month in India to two days when it went to China.
6. Its hard uphill road ahead if India wants to increase its share in world trade from the present 0.65 per cent.

(1) DCBA (2) DABC (3) ADCB (4) ADBC
(A) Similarly, turning to caste, even though being lower caste is undoubtedly a separate cause of disparity,its impact is all the greater when the lower-caste families also happen to be poor.
(B) Belonging to a privileged class can help a woman to overcome many barriers that obstruct women
from less thriving classes.
(C) It is the interactive presence of these two kinds of deprivation - being low class and being female.-
that massively impoverishes women from the less privileged classes.
(D) A congruence of class deprivation and gender discrimination can blight the lives of poorer
women very severely. .
(E) Gender is certainly a contributor to societal inequality, but it does not act independently of class.


Posting after a longgg time ....

My take in Bold
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Hiii guys...hope u all are doing well der..
Bhai Log...dun knw whether i am doing it right or wrong by actually writing my personal prob...but my heart is actually forcing me to do this.

Wel til date have wrote cat twice...In 2008 cat i got 70 odd percentile...decided to write cat again coz as evry MBA aspirant e1 i wanted to get into(i stil want to) IIM...but then some heart breaking incidents took place and here i am writing wat my heart is telling to do..

It all started 2 years back...met a girl...she was already into a den dat guy(wid who she was in relationship wid) turned down her proposal of getting married...meanwhile e1 we dont know how we became best of d besties...and d best part or rather d worst...i fell in love wid her....we startd chatting day and night..was actualy placed in a company bt den due to some job satisfaction reasons i left dat....meanwhile e1 she was writing CAT' wat better option wud be except preparing and writing CAT wid her...we gradualy started preps...someday seriously sometimes in a jocular mood...and it all got messed a mere 53 percentile and she fetching 70 odd was our dream to get into a gud colg together as we cud spend some time and it wud also add an advanatge to our dream of getting married...

But d worst was yet to come...was already pissed off due to my results...and there came in the that guy(wid whom she was in relationship earlier )..yes her first love dat girl tells me she wants to marry dat guy...and when i try to persuade her, she bangs me wid d words "you wer already half mad, and now you are a full mad...y shud i marry u"...i knw des words were in shear anger and she didn't mean dat..she has clearly told me dat she wont get back to in my life...i am stil trying my efforts to tel her how much i love her...she tells me, she is aware how much i love her, but she is helpless, as she has got her love back..her words always ends wid dis "i wont come to you ever"

And now after all this i am down and out...trying to be an optimistic fool dat she wil come in my life again....i have a job in my hand bt den i day dream bout her only..not being able to concentrate on my job....hav got high BP too..not being able to eat properly....even in my dreams i see her face..

Have tried my level best, but stil she is not ready to be wid me..and her xcuse...."i have got my first love back in my life...i cant leave him in any case"..

I knw many of you wil suggest me to move on...but trust me not being able to forget her....:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(...

Please Help me...:(

Assuming that i am not yet banned on this thread:lookround:, even i want to try my hands, brain, luck and money and alll that is required to fodufy billi for 1 last ready for the final ...

varun bhai....i wont be able to turn up in d meet today(will be free by 9:00)..but yea future meets mein do consider me in
Aur haan PM me jimmy's num so that i cant start my preps wid dem...
Ek last convey my happy budday to milind bhai....

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hiiiiii seniors...
wel here goes my prob

I wrote ditched very badly..hence hav decided to give one more have got into an internet marketing job in a small scale hardly has 30 employees..

now i had a discussion we 1 of my frnd whos also in d same job in an another small scale comapany and got a cal from SCIT but got rejected..he told we people cannot get thru IIMs coz we dont have quality work ex or coz we are not from infy, microsoft or oracle...he added dat incase if we get a call we will be rejected in GD/PI coz we will get low marks coz of our low profile.

so my ques it really dat we cannot get into IIM if dont hav work ex from infy, microsoft or such other biggies...???????

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