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@raghupro how about google hang out or skype? I am frm bangalore...

Guys, I would like to take a mock interview before my ISB interview on 20th... anyone willing to spare half an hour?

alwaysab Says
I think the Adcom is waiting for this thread to reach 1050 pages

Lets get to it then >>>>>>>>>
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Guys dont keep calling the AdCom and harass those poor folks.. let them take a breather, have some snacks, then press the send button!

i wanna meet a hacker at ISB... pls ISB select one for the diversity sake!!

To all who have made it, to all who have not and to all who hadn't applied for two cents......
You all are winners, because you belong to the select set of human beings who have been crazy enought to come out of your comfort zone. You all have been the discontent souls for who ISB has not only been a mere brick-mortar structure, but an amphitheater of dreams. Agreed, for all of you a cushy post-ISB job is an added incentive, but the lengths you went to achieve that, the pain you bore, the tears you shed, the castles you built have been phenomenal. Regardless of whether you have made it or not, of whether the people around you realize this, of whether the world will one day rememeber you by your deeds, you all will know that you were giants in your varying statures. Because you tried, and how!!!

I am very sure that all of you have sacrificed something or the other along the way - an onsite assignment, a love story, late-night binges, random bike-trips, shopping-sprees.......and for some you it feels like it all was worthless. But believe me when I say that one day you will connect the dots properly and the jigsaw will fit.

At the risk of sounding very cheesy and un-straight, I want to congratulate you all for the resilience you have shown. All of you belong to the sacred brotherhood of dreamers and aspirants and the maniacs. You should be proud of the way you travelled so far. And you should never quit dreaming.

As Javed Akhtar so soulfully put forth:

Aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho

To Zinda ho tum
Dilon mein betabiyaan leke chal rahe ho
To Zinda ho tum.......
Here's a toast to all of you surviving, and surviving strongly.

Have faith !!

This was a post by Aritro after R1 results. Just loved it man .. saved it on my desktop ! wud love to be ur buddy..hope we get in !!

After all the one liner posts.. I couldn't read through this one... ADD :lookround:
But, probably its good and full of warm emotions! Cheerios!!
Come on man ... why do you say that??
Have absolutely no work in office post lunch .. the wait is killing me ...

Ooops ... That defn wasnt my last post.. :D

You are the MAN!!
Having absolutely the same feeling here ..
This is my first post and definitely not the last ..

I have a weird feeling that it could be the last

Love you all guys!
A good time pass for this long wait!! :clap:

As a current batch student, I would say most definitely. However, i would not delve into details now. I can completely understand what you folks are going through.
All the best.

Are there instances of top 20 - 25 ranked US B schools offering more than 50% scholarships? I got a mail from Simon school that I am a priority applicant.. how good is that school?

BTW, not to take away the fun you crazy guys are going through!! Carry on the rambling!!