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Hi puys,

Having written CAT last year, I know how earnestly most of you would be following this thread. Being on the receiving side last year, all I can share with you is, there is no need to be nervous for ur D-day. It is not so much about your knowledge, which most of you would have/ or be preparing for, as it has got to do with you keeping a cool head.
Just keep it simple and relaxed. Go to a movie/ disco (which is where I went to ). and give your best shot. Best of luck.
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hi guyss.. having 3 years of experience myself, i somehow know what you people are facing. Here is my opinion.
First of all, don't fret too much on the job+CAT thing... all you need to get a good score in CAT is a 2 hour prep every day that's it (but that 2 hours should be sincere effort). After you come home from work, freshen yourself up and whenever you feel comfortable get at it.
The saturdays and sundays are your prep boosters. Take some of the material at your workplace. If you have net access, instead of taking material there, use the online resources instead. Many a times, people are sitting idle at office. Us that time to your advantage.
Prepare a practical action plan right away, up till 2 days before you exam (last 2 days - chillax )
And most importantly, be confident people
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I am in a little bit of confusion here... I had converted PGDCM :clap: and was waitlisted at 16 for PGDM.. I filled the acceptance form and sent the DD for PGDCM earlier, go the confirmation too for the DD from IIM-C.

Now, I have been confirmed for the PGDM program too .. If I want to opt for the PGDM now, instead of the earlier PGDCM.. what should I do?
And, would the earlier DD suffice for the PGDM also... ?
Moderators and puys please help

Hi puys,

First of all congratulations to all those who converted the call.
For me, this was the first heart break of the season. First negative and the wait for other calls, is sure going to increase the nervousness. Eagerly waiting for some positive news.

Hi puys,
Got my name in the immersion list...
Specialization - Finance
Basis - Score Based
CAT score - 99.99
Interview date - 16th Feb, 2012
Venue - Mumbai

As far as the final selection is concerned. We talked to one of the main moderators during the GI, he told that for final selection everything is taken into consideration. Academics, CAT/XAT/GMAT scores, Extra and co-curricular activities, GI-1 score, GI-2 score, profile, related work exp. etc....
Lots and lots of calculation :wow:, keeping fingers crossed...

3 curricular

3 co curricular

any idea what all fits into it (given havent published papers, won olympiads etc. )

Curricular mean any achievement during your school or college curriculum: ex- won gold medal in college, came 2nd/ silver medal in school 10th board etc, some other accomplishments
(for most of the people like me, it remains empty :-)
Co-curricular would include achievements in areas related to your course in college/ school. Ex. Teacher's assistant, student mentor, paper etc.

GettaFix Says
For the 150 word essay, for the part which says ,"how would you like to address the challenge?", do we have to write how we would like the govt to address the challenge or how we individually will address the challenge (try to solve the problem by ourselves)?

I suppose it has to be both to some extent. If certain policies, ideas you would like to implement as a person in power to do so, then you should include that. Also, small initiatives as a common man, if any.
Ex. when we talk of corruption, we can say implementation of Jan lokpal bill, using ICT systemt for better and transparent governance etc. Also practicing non corrupt practices, and stopping those who indulge in it actively. (just a thought)
nakulgulati Says
do the photocopies need to be attested by a gazetted officer ...

nakulgulati Says
the bond can u tell that the photocopies of the certificates need to be attested by a gazetted officer or self attestation is suffice ..

See, i don't say this as an official word. But, as far as my process was concerned, my copies were accepted without attestation too.

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@TheBond- A big thank you for coming forth with your experience. It's almost impossible to gauge one's chances by reading the experience though. I have known people who got through even after making massive blunders . Its all about how you project yourself and how you react to such tricky situations. Great score, keep your hopes high. On a lighter note you have BCLI still with you . So you can afford to be a little relaxed . ATB

@CAT_gunner, hey thanks for your confidence man :cheers:

@namitjain111, (Y)

Hi Krishna, I am in general category. the certificates and their copies are necessary for what you mention. They ask for copies and their resp. originals for verification mandatorily. All interviews are for 15-20 min.

Hi theBond,

After all,they calculate the composite score and as ur percentile is very high,there are great chances in your converting.
Did you carry the certificates for each co-curricular activity u have mentioned above? Do they ask for them? Is attestation needed for the photocopies?how long was the interview held?Please tel ur category as well


I agree with you completely, friend. Even I knew about the biometric in UID, but I don't know how I could not recollect it in the interview, despite so much poking around. And since, it was such a common info, that's why I consider my selection option as REJECT... :-(

keeler.drummer Says
Sorry to barge in but the way aadhar is unique is by biometric info. And I think one should know this info and your whole interview was about aadhar only. The whole controversy about UID with home ministry was about duplication of info.

They were asking about the essay you wrote in the form to most of the people, but didn't ask me about it. As far as the greatest challenge is concerned, I didn't find anyone to whom this question was asked.

Thanks for quoting ur experience !
But Didn't they ask anything from you regarding the essay you must have written in the form, "the greatest challenge in India and how would u like to address it?
and strange they didn't ask "Why Mba" ?

Good Luck though !
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