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Converted PGDCM :). WL 3 General

  • u thr :smiley:. 20 May '13.
anonymous DEF @beagleboy
The W/L status has been updated on IIM Cal website W/L 30 -----> W/L 9 (NC-OBC) Wt do you think puys ... convert ho jayega ?? @TnT
Gaurav @TheBigKahuna

I'm WL 3 now in GEN. Really hope I make that

Anyone from PGDCM who converted? or have only the PGDM WL movement come today?

  • no PGDCM movement bi hua of my frnds in ST categ.... 07 May '13.
Finally WIMWI it is... WIMWI it has always been.... @nitk2iima2 950
no PGDCM movement bi hua of my frnds in ST category was WL1 in PGDCM converted..

Is there a last date for withdrawing admission? Also, is it necessary to be there in person to withdraw admission? I've been trying to call their office for a while, but no one picks up.

  • try 01127666387. 24 Apr '13.
  • Bhai plz 30th se pehle withdraw kr lo yaar :stuck_out_to.... 24 Apr '13.
Somya Arya @somya.12 42
try 01127666387
Naveen Sagar @sam4mhel 173
Bhai plz 30th se pehle withdraw kr lo yaar
abc xyz @anon15
Hey Puys.. cud some one please lemme know the joining date for FMS 2013 batch.. Its urgent..
Gaurav @TheBigKahuna

Their letter says first week of July

People who are going to FMS campus/are able to call, can you please confirm whether it is necessary to be personally present to take back docs submitted during admission? Can't anything be done if someone (with a signed letter from me) comes and collects it?

I want to cancel my admission (GEN), but will not be able to go to Delhi for quite a while now. I have some numbers of their offices, but no one seems to pick up.
Hi everybody ! I am having really tough time choosing between FMS and Lucknow ... I would like to hear from guys with similar options and reasons for their choice , Will be of great help . Thank You :smiley:
Gaurav @TheBigKahuna

Even I've had this choice, and these are the reasons I'm picking L. Hope it helps:
1. IIML has a bigger brand name. Don't think this is even in doubt.
2. Better companies come to L. I used 2012 placement reports to check. Even after accounting for the fact that there will be some(or a lot) misreporting, for me, L still comes out top. Note:  I didn't consider the number of companies coming because L has a huge batch size and so, its only given that L will have more companies as compared to FMS.
3. Better alumni base. Here's a list of successful FMS alums - A list of successful L alums -  I found L's alums to be not only (a lot) more numerous, but also in diverse profiles.
4. While L takes a hit in terms of the city its in, I thought industry interaction is not so much better at FMS for all its location. This is a personal opinion, no facts backing it up.
5. Peer group will be better at L than at FMS, although at FMS you will get to interact with people doing different things in different colleges.
6. Better acads. The guy above me commented saying that acads at FMS are easier. I've heard this too, although I'm not sure how true it is. But I really don't think you should pick a college based on how easy the acads are. L is known for its tremendous acads. While this seems (really really) daunting, what  I thought was working hundred hour weeks for two straight years will be awesome prep. Call it a trial of fire :P.
7. FMS has always got the fee angle, but I'm not considering that as a point. Yes, it will take me a longer time to repay a loan for L vis a vis FMS, everyone I've talked to has said that ten-fifteen years later, you'll really start reaping in the benefits of having the IIM tag (points 1 and 3).

Just my 2 cents on why I'm taking L. There may be points which don't matter to you, and some others which I consider insignificant that are major to you (city/weather/ROI etc.).

Sumeet Pandey @sumeet_bitian
we have already got the link for the acceptance form once we check the result. So can we use that form to send the DD or will there be some other form that would be sent to us via mail???
Gaurav @TheBigKahuna

I'm guessing that the mailed form is going to be the same as the one online. IIMC had done that with their interview form.

Gaurav @TheBigKahuna
I'm WL 20 for PGDCM - General. What re my chances?
Gaurav @TheBigKahuna

Cool...hopefully, I'll see you there

I'm WL 20 for PGDCM - General. What re my chances?

  • Cool...hopefully, I'll see you there :grin:. 13 Apr '13.
  • totally. so many PGDCM people are going to opt for PGDM. .... 13 Apr '13.
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Cool...hopefully, I'll see you there
Shubham Agarwal @shubham_agar 468
totally. so many PGDCM people are going to opt for PGDM. All the best bro