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I have worked in the IT industry for 5.5 yrs now but with zero lead/managerial experience. Always been a software engineer/senior software engineer. Does that stop me from considering XLRI GMP as they have explicitly mentioned 5 yrs of managerial experience required?
Also this is my 4th company in this duration. Does that become a serious cause of concern?

Swastik12 Says
Hi.I am with 6+ years of experience.Now,should I go for CAT or GMAT.Please suggest.Thank you.

Think nothing other than can target IIMA PGPX, IIMC PGPEX, IIMI EPGP (both CAT/GMAT options), ISB...US b-schools( if you can afford the cost and 2 yrs of study)...or else Asian ones like NUS, NTU, etc. which are cheaper and of lesser duration..
Avinash Patwari Says
Noone to help freshers?

please don't start individual threads for your personal study. Please continue in this thread so as to benefit others as well. That is when help would reach you.
Mods kindly deactivate this thread.

Puys please don't start individual threads for your personal study. Please continue in this thread so as to benefit others
Mods kindly deactivate this thread.

Thanks but its aslo written that the company can be listed in any stock exchange.......Pls clarify

A company listed ONLY and ONLY on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Please take note of this. Because you need to enter the BSE code of the company on the proforma. The code can be easily obtained from the BSE site.
Hey namesake
thanks for the reply. Ya i had checked the links.Still the confusion is there.
they haven't said where it is applicable. I guess I should get it made now itself...sigh..Pune Collectorate is notorious for not giving domicile certi's easily. We have to furnish electricity bills/property tax receipts for 15 years! Where am I gonna get them :nono:

Also i did get through to the DTE ppl via email.Aggregate marks to be entered.

they ignored query No 2 :(

Please ignore the mail from DTE regarding the aggregate of 4 years as graduation marks. Because then they are contradicting their own statement that the marks should be in accordance with the degree awarded. Mumbai/Pune univ award degrees (particularly engineering) on the basis of final year scores. There is no doubt about it. Please record your final year scores only for the engg graduation marks if you have passed out from either of these universities.
You should have very clearly explained them the scenario of Mumbai/Pune univ engg graduates who get degrees only on the basis of final yr scores.
I have a doubt regarding Work Exp marks

I am working in German MNC for 2 years which is not listed in Indian stock Exchange.

Am I eligible for Marks of Work exp?

Please guide me.

Marks are given only for work ex in companies listed on Bombay stock exchange.
I am a beginner for CET prep...
anybody cares to give me some sort of idea like hw much general knowledge we need to know....

FMS was the easiest exam this year
FMS 2010 : A memorable one nks

No General Knowledge in CET. Paper heavily inclined towards Reasoning followed by Math, DI and Verbal.
Hey buddy, thanks 4 the info. However, I observed that Work-Ex Certificate (in proforma G) is asking for few enclosures & Experience certificate is one of them. Doesn't that mean we'll need to go after HR & it will be almost one n d same thing as previously.

Plz, put some light on this matter ?

Ok let me clear this out for you:-
Attested Xerox copies of-
1. Experience Certificate
2. Appointment Order

The above is in case of current employment. You need to get an attested xerox of the appointment letter you received at the time of joining (this maybe a printout of soft copies also in some cases). In addition to this would be the experience certificate as per proforma G as original. Even that has to be attested.

1. Joining Report

2. Mark list of qualifying examination
3. Relieving letter ( if applicable)

This one is in case you have more than one companies in your employment history. Here you need the attested xerox of the relieving letter/work ex certificate given by the previous company, the appointment letter of the previous company and although not mentioned in the point, you need a proforma G for the previous company also. Refer to brochure. Additionally, you also need to send the xerox of your last qualifying marksheet as a proof that all your work experience is after graduation.
You will see that in all this there is no need of involvement of HR if you have all your docs in place (in my case I have misplaced the appt letter of my previous company and I would have a hard time following up with them).
I do understand all this is a lot of headache and paper work just for 2 marks, but then those 2 marks are highly crucial for an extremely competitive CET!

One good thing I observed in the process was the Proforma G for work ex certificates this time. DTE has become soft on us. Now we don't need to have the proforma printed on the company letter head and follow up with the HR for stamping (something which creates an impression on them that the person is about to resign). Instead, they are asking us to take a printout of the proforma on a plain paper and fill in all details and put our own signature. A big relief for those 2 marks indeed! This is just for the information of all aspirants who would be claiming marks of work ex.