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Hi, first of all no need to lose hope. Even I had less marks in my graduation and therefore was ineligible for placements. I would suggest you to take up a good computer certification course which could get you a good job. But do it from a reputed institute such as JLC in Bangalore or NIIT etc. As you are still in final year, score as much as possible. And join the certification course immediately after you graduate. A lot of friends of mine had faced the same situation and couldn't find job after graduation( this was also the case with me..) and they either took a certification course or took up jobs in small companies..You could even approach a smaller company for job and can switch to a bigger company after gaining experience. Remember, you are not the only one who has faced this situation. All the best :-))
You have good brands on your CV. As long as you have decent acads in the past and good acads in B-school, I think you should be fine.

Specialization does not matter much to consulting firms.

Thanks a lot dear...I was thinking of choosing systems as my specialization..Is IT consulting a good career option?

Please Help Me,

I have a post graduate degree in Mechanical Engg. from a top NIT and 2 years of experience in IBM India.. I could make it to one of the top 10 B schools this year..I want to go into consulting but I have heard that people with average acads find it difficult to get into consulting..My past acads are not so good, so will I get a consulting job even if I perform very well in my MBA...Which type of consulting IT, mgt or strategic is suited for me..What specialization should I choose in order to get into consulting?


Help me Please

Do you have a liking for number crunching? Yes
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone?Group but can work alone too
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want?Decent
Do you have a creative mind?Not much
Do you like travelling?Yes
Do you find it easy to talk to strangers?Yes

I am a post graduate in Mechanical Engg with 3 years of work exp in IBM..I dont want to get into HRM or into I banks..I want to go into a field where my engg degree and exp. doesn't get wasted..What are the prerequisites to get into consulting?Does it require excellent academic record?My acad record is pretty average except a high cgpa in and some International paper presentation, can I get into consulting if I get into a top B school and perform very well there?Or should I do MBA in IT

Please Reply ..Its urgent..

Same problem here

3 year gap for IIT prepartion


But GATE qualified: AIR 686 rank
work Ex: 3 years
Doing freelancing through my own website :

lots of extracurricular activity: watch my skit
YouTube - ‪Comedy skit at redalkemi‬‏

what u say guys ...after cracking cat ..due to my poor academic ..i will in trouble??

I too would suggest you to concentrate only on CAT. As you have 3 years work exp. and good rank in GATE, I think you have strong chances of converting the calls that you may get like IIMC, RANCHi fms, xlri etc...So try to get above 99.6%ile in CAT and don't worry abt the acads bcoz in most of the cases if sum1 has above 2-3 years of good work exp. then his marks do not create much problem..

In my college NIT bhopal, the salary in our offer letters is the same as last year 3.23 for B.Tech/MCA and 3.6 lpa for don't think they have revised the salary..

am a final year B.Tech(CS engg) frm a not-so-good govt college of UP.
IT companies like infy,tcs,wipro,hcl etc haven't visitd our campus,hence m nt placed yet :(
but hav got an offer frm HCL BPO to join as TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICER(TSO) at NOIDA ,salary-13600 pm + 6200 incentives etc. .what shuld i do?shall i join it nd keep searching fr jobs while earning some money via this TSO job at HCL or concentrate to continue do this TSO job n make it a career option,how will it be helpful in latter case?please help :(

Hi...It doesn't matter if the companies do not visit your college.You can directly apply to the companies websites..Lots of companies including TCS, IBM, Infy Cognizant etc. recruit through off campus recruitment. If you have any problem in doing so you can talk to a reliable job consultant, he will arrange your written test and PI directly and will take a nominal fee..BPO should be your last option..
my acads:

10th class: 83%(cbse)
12th class: 84%(cbse) 75% upto sixth sem

with a very average extra curricular

what percentile should i achieve in cat to get 2 or 3 calls from iim...and what for mdi and other top b schools.?

Why are u worried dude?Your marks are excellent..In fact they are almost equal to a friend of mine who got calls from blacki and he converted all of them....He had work exp too, but if u could increase ur marks in graduation and could get a few certif. of extra currics then I dont think there is any college in India which can deny u admission..
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yaar no need to learn languages if u dnt know the technology in which their HR wd place u.

IBM have no technology mapping strategy fr fresher hirings, its unacceptable frm a bluechip like IBM bt thts the truth. They randomly allocate u technologies.

I was fortunate to get SAP BASIS, which didn't req any prior IT r comp knowledge accept the crude basics tht all engineers know. ( I didn't even knew a,b wht to talk f C & C++). aLL f my batchmates in IBM wer non IT engineers, sm chemical, mechanical, paper even environment i was myself from electronics & comm.

If u want to concentrate n CAT prep take GGn r Noida center.There r strong chances tht u wnt have strong learnings technically bt wd get ample to prepare fr CAT.

if u wanna have real learning go to Kolkata location, Its the best location fr learning & management is very gd thr. GGn and Noida r filled with management tht will make u feel like ur wrkng in a sarkari company ( even they r more professional)

:oops: How are New delhi & bangalore?
debanjandas Says
Working in IBM is great fun. I dont know about other locations but in Kolkata, work environment is great. Initial Salary as a fresher will be same as TCS CTS but increment will be relatively less. Otherwise, apart from the salary thing, IBM is great. Its like an ocean. We never felt the heat of recession working in IBM.

I am from mechanical engg. background, placed in IBM only through campus placement.Do I need to learn C C++ or Java before joining IBM? Which place should I prefer for joining?I was thinking of opting for Delhi, noida or gurgaon as I have a house in delhi too..other centres are inconvenient for me..