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Hi Raghu...sent you a PM...Can you please reply??


Thanks Deepankar,

Can any one tell good Asian B-Schools which will cost around ISB.


Hi Saurabh,

You should have a look at NTU and NUS in Singapore, HKUST in HongKong and Ceibs in China..


Hi Saurabh,

If you are looking at schools outside India which have the same cost as the ones you have listed above, you should have a look at NTU and NUS in Singapore.
Don't have much idea about Indian companies recruiting at HKUST or for that matter MBS.

But I have definitely heard about them picking up MBA grads from NTU and NUS. Infact, a current student of NTU had somewhere in his blog mentioned that 3 Indians got their dream jobs in India rather than in Singapore.

And the employment stats given by NUS show CTS(Cognizant) as one of the recruiters for the class of 2005 though I am not sure if it was for CTS, Singapore or for its offshore arm at India.


Nice point raised by Rebecca here regarding the dreams....Yes..they are definitely achievable provided we ourselves believe in them and work towards achieving them..
Coming to your case personal feeling is you definitely have a very good profile...(700 to go + diverse experience + xtra curriculars like yoga and all)...just need to bring all these points out in your essays...
Just to give everybody a feel about how dreams are realized...chk this out..


Yes, Finacing is what I am worried about.
About AGSM the Living Expenses itself comes to about 15-17 lakhs according to their website...

Anyway..I got a lil confused about the school you are joining...are you joining AGSM or NUS?

Coz in you blog u say that you are joining NUS ...but in you first post mentioned here u say that u r joining AGSM....

Can you please clarify? Acn you also please let us know the reasons u chose one above the the other....

The reason I am asking these questions is I aqm looking at a consulting profile post kind of finalising the schools....


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Congrats Dude....
The BLOG is really informative.....Could see eye to eye with you.....
Coz am going thru the same pains as u yet to write the GMAT...and am planning to apply to the same set of schools that u did...

I had one query though...

Did u manage to get any schols/aid for AGSM?

If not, how do u plan to finance your mba...

You insights would be really helpful to finalise my list of schools as I have a similar profile as yours.


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Hey guys....count me in too...

Profile:Software engineer
Exp:30 months in an MNC ( 8 months onsite included)
same old story...isn't it?? :)

Plan to write GMAT in mid June...

Prep till now: Brushing up of maths...eng grammar..some sectional tests of kaplan and princeton( for the last 1 month)

And a daily dose of browsing has got phenomenal resources both in quant and the verbal sections...

Planning to practise the full length tests of kaplan in April and THE BIBLE (read OG) in May.