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Yes even i think that coaching is neccesary for u to get a good score.you remain in touch with the latest technique to solve problems.u are constantly motivated and feel the extra pressure to keep performing because of competition among others....mock cats and other exams are neccesary as they keep your level of prepration in check.......

hi ALL,
Happy teachers day to u all also.its indeed a day devoted to pay respect for the teachers who helped us in shaping our life at the intial satge.we must be thankful to all those who have shaped our career from the beggining..till date they remain to be one main constant motivator in our life.........

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hello friends

i m engg student so i hv good hands on quant and DI.....but problem realy comes in english....can somebody suggest some schedule(time required to devote) and book if any........apart from CL study material m doing wide variety of reading also.....

any help from ex-CAT student

Please keep the habbit of reading newspaper a daily one.read newspaper loudly if u are not clear enough about your speaking power.to be frank i was very much scared abt the english stuff from my first year in engineering.my roommate gave me this tp and today am atleast very much comfortable in that sense.try it out and see if it makes any differenece or not.

Hi all,
wana just tell about GIM as i saw the building in last month on a trip to goa.location wise its like anything.situauted on the old goa road it overlooks the river and the environmet is ver good.not uch after that but preparing very hard to get into some good b school this time after 2 year of work ex.

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hELLO tO ALL OF YOU.I am in a very ackward situation.i was trained in datawarehousing in satyam but was pushed into cad cam side after training.it has been two years since i have worked into it.i have even visited onsite for a cuople of months but am not at all satisfied with the junk work which i am doing.got screwed up in my appraisal process also beacuse i fought with my pm for release which he did not do.i fine my career at stake.can i switch to some other company by doing some certification course and switch into software side.since change of project is not being allowed here at least in my case.am doing my MBA prep also but bcoz of office tension its taking a toll.Seniors please help me out.somebody please guide me for gods sake.

Yes even i came to know about the negative effects of bl-5c batteries.last month i read a news that a man died of cellphone explosion because the condition in which he was working was extremely hot.i just hope that nokia replaces the battery with a new one which is not hazardous.at least am safe because i boight 6300 recently last month.....

Its ver sad to know that the two peoples are not amongst us anymore.may their soul rest in peace an d god give family the strnegth to bear the irrepearable loss.

hello all even i share the same view that development is not my cup of tea.i was in CAD cam for past two years and visited to europe on a project also.but npow am disliking the work .so planning to switch to testing where there is not much tension.please tell me or help me out if i am taking a correct decision.seniors please do the needful

Hello all.i am a silent spectator of pg although i jus keep on checking the threads constatntly .i dont know y the stupid people abroad have gone for a revision process for the wonder of the world.to me Taj is and Taj will be among the seven wonders of the world .i just cant think how can one monument which is built in such a spendid way and is one of the seven wonders of world can be ousted of the wonders by mere voting.can anybody tell me how will voting help Taj in reatining the seven wonders of world.

hello all.am new pguy.i think india is still not mature enough to have a women president.i think pratibha patil will not be able to make it to the tob post.a president should always be from a non politics fiels .so that he is neither a friend to the ruling party and nor to the opposiyion party.President A.P.J kalam is one of the president india have had.he is recognised across the world spectrum as a scientist and a knowlegable man.Either Sushil Kumar shinde or Shivraj patil shopuld be made the president.this left is a party of bunch of idiots who always blame the governments all the time.If no one comes to conclusion then A.P.J kalam should be given a second chance as his performance in the top post has been inspiring for many especially the children of india.

Jai Hind