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ok dude gonna check it out soon. Radiohead is pretty okay !! i like the famous depressive one 'creep' coz it surely have the effect

yeah man Opeth. hell of a band. the album blackwater park is jst kick ass !!
thts one name i missed out :nono:

The best thing about Mikael Akerfeldt is the combination of growl and clean singing....
the melody of acoustic and pandemonium of distortion guitar in his composition...
never gives the impression that you are listening to a single track but to a multiple tracks
I guess that's the beauty of progressive death metal
just completely blows away mah mind:shocked:

sorry to stem the flow of the black metal genre
but i recently happened to listen to paranoid android by radiohead...the music is awesome and i found the video totally weird...didnt made sense in the begining but then finally figuree out the hidden meaning.. DO check it out
btwn.....big fan of OPETH

i am a big fan of Seinfeld
By far the best sitcom ever....wonderful script and gr8 actors to justify their roles..
giddy up

dissapointed not to see 'ghost busters' as one of the options...it makes me nostalgic.....school days the best days of ones life

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in at 99.30 :cheers::cheers:
QA - 99.67
VA - 91.55
Xth - 86.40
XII - 80.50
Btech - 6.6 (66%) (shocking considering 6.75 was the cutoff)
Exp - 20 months
I thought i wont make it becoz low graduation score but m not complaining

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hi seniors,
I just saw that minimum eligibility criteria for admission to IIT D is 6.75CGPA.:shock::shock::shock:
I have CGPA of 6.6/10 :banghead: does it mean that i wont get shortlisted
My cat Percentile is 99.30
Already gotta call from IIT B.
Plsss reply

in at 99.30:clap::clap::clap: